China Tourism Market to Grow at a CAGR of 26.17% by the Year 2017

Social media is a very strong tool to promote anything. From a pen to a celebrity, there is nothing in the world which couldn’t be promoted by social media. In this technological age where people rely on virtual space for everything, it would be a waste if things are

Medical Tourism in Demand

How many of us are comfortable with the idea of visiting a new place with an itinerary of a surgery in the middle of your vacation. Maybe many won’t fancy it. But if market research is to be believed worldwide the medical tourism is growing at the rate of

Get some Life in a Lively Place : Thailand

When we hear the name of the country “Thailand”, the first thing which comes to our mind is Tourism and the variety it offers to the tourists. There are diving sites, sandy beaches, tropical islands, varied nightlife, archaeological sites, museums, hill tribes, exceptional flora and bird life, palaces, Buddhist temples and

COVID-19 Impact – Global Economy Pays the Price

Today while sitting at home during the lockdown period, the only news doing the rounds of every television channel or newspaper is about the Coronavirus. The deadly virus also known as COVID-19 or 2019-nCoV, continues to hog the limelight since it was discovered at the start of this unfortunate
May 15, 2020

Global Hotel Industry Trends- 2014

World Hotel Industry to remain as busy as ever As usual the Hotel and Hospitality industry is buzzing with continuous activities, prospects are in plenty and the time to achieve them is ticking away fast. As far as this industry is concerned; it is the game where the toughest

Luggage Industry- Bagging the Profits Successfully

Pack Your Bags!! Life is a journey and all of us are travelers. Everyone of us travels for some or the other purpose in our lifetime. Sometimes for holidays, for business tours, for expedition and sometimes in emergency. Travelling is a recurring process in human lives. It continues throughout

Luxury Bus Service – A Zooming Sector

Luxury Buses – Travel in style Some years back travelling by bus was quite a turn off for the travelers as journey by bus was very tiring and somewhat painful due to bad roads, uncomfortable seats, appalling condition of the buses and all the heat and dust coming from

Have You Been To The Lion City Yet?

How does the idea of open Zoo sound to you, does that scare you or you are excited to be a step closer with the wild beasts? Does Giant wheel give you a rush? Or you are the kinds who want to just enjoy your vacation whiling away your

IRCTC continues to make business partners, Mydala-the latest add-on

World’s fourth largest railway network, the Indian Railway’s ticketing arm (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) IRCTC seems to enjoy the partnership act. Of late, the establishment is going around with a partnering spree, after the much talked collaborations with Internet companies like Amazon and Paytm now it has

AIR-CONDITIONING INDUSTRY to be worth $16bn by 2015

Emerging countries is witnessing a sharp 10% growth Post millennium year there was a talk that the air-conditioning (A/C) industry around the globe is coming to a rest as sales were estimated to go down and the trends looked extremely grave for the manufacturing companies. However, the growing economies