Electric Vehicles-Powering the Future of Automotive Industry

Electric vehicles industry rocketed by 84% in 2013 Driving is seen as a hobby by a bulk whereas it is experienced as a stressful activity for many who have to sit behind wheels on a regular basis. However, the number of people driving is creeping up with every day.
Nov 14, 2014

Commercial Aircraft Seating Industry to have windfall gains by 2017

Aviation seating segment to grow with highest growth rate to China Aviation is a fast growing industry which is preparing for higher growth rates with every passing financial year. It is a sector linked with multiple sub-sectors that either helps in enhancing or declining this growth. Aircraft seating segment

Global Hotel Industry Trends- 2014

World Hotel Industry to remain as busy as ever As usual the Hotel and Hospitality industry is buzzing with continuous activities, prospects are in plenty and the time to achieve them is ticking away fast. As far as this industry is concerned; it is the game where the toughest

Restaurant Industry 2014 – Is Hot and Tasty

Restaurant Business Cooking Up Unpredictable Profits In the early 18th century or even before came in the concept of “Restaurant” in countries like the US, China and the Greek culture. This was initially the concept of small areas which prepared and served recipes that were ordered by the consumers.

Eco Tourism – Rejuvenating the Tourism Industry

Resort in the Lap of Nature Many times the hectic urban lifestyle of our cities and town turns us off in a huge way. The massive traffic jams, the crowd in the train and buses, the pollution all around, the deafening sound of the vehicles and industries makes us

Luggage Industry- Bagging the Profits Successfully

Pack Your Bags!! Life is a journey and all of us are travelers. Everyone of us travels for some or the other purpose in our lifetime. Sometimes for holidays, for business tours, for expedition and sometimes in emergency. Travelling is a recurring process in human lives. It continues throughout

Cruise Liners Industry- Crossing the Seven Seas of Growth

Sail on luxury  Many times you might have wished that if you can explore the oceans of the world, see its beauty and sail on it, to experience the splendor of the blue water that has covered more than half of the globe; travel on the seven seas in

An Indian Aerospace Industry Expected to be Worth US $23.52 Billion by 2016

According to Lucintel’s review “Indian Aerospace and MRO Market” the Indian aerospace market and industry has knowledgeable considerably developed during the last 5 decades and is predicted to achieve at US $23.52 billion dollars with a CAGR of 15% over the next 5 decades by 2016. The Indian maintenance,

Global Automotive Bumper Industry to be Worth US $24.8 Billion Till 2017

The international automobile bumper market income is predicted to reach an approximated US $24.8 billion dollars in 2017 with a CAGR of 4.6% over the next five decades (2012-2017). The growing attention to eco-friendly technology has been the primary car owner changing the automobile market. Lucintel, a major international management

International Travel Grant for Members of MANLIBNET (Management Libraries Network)

Bharat Book Bureau (3B) is a proud sponsor for the International Travel Grant for management librarians and Best Paper Award at Manlibnet conference held every year. The 2012 best paper award was shared between Mr. R. Venkata Kesavan DGM and Head (Times Archives and Knowledge Centre) and Mr. Mallikarjun