Memory Card Market to Gross $ 21.3 Billion by 2018

Nowstore everything and anything you desire Technology has had multiple face changes since its evolution, completion of difficult activities, completing them within a limited time-frame and so on. In present day, one is able to go about anything from developing, designing and modifying a number of technologies for numerous

Dental Implant Industry Growing in Asia and Beyond

India and China hold major markets for dental care industry Dental care is an integral part of health care. Most people do not pay the required attention to their oral health and face problems like tooth ache, gums ache/bleeding and breathe odor problems. All this result in a profit

World Bricks Industry to Construct a $182.6 BN Market by 2015

Impressive Product Innovations and use of Sustainable Construction Technologies helping brick industry grow Brick is a single unit block of treated clay with a mixture of sand and lime which is fire hardened or air dried. This process of making bricks is also known as masonry construction. Production of

Global Demand for Kaolin to Cross 28.5mn Metric Tons by 2017

An essential ingredient with robust market Named after the Chinese hill ‘Kao-ling’, Kaolin is probably one of the oldest Chinese ingredients, it was passed on by a French Jesuit missionary to Europe as one of the sample of materials used in making porcelain by the Chinese manufacturers. This was

Potato Chips – an overview of the market

Crisp and Crunchy Most of us always look for a snack that we can pop up easily. While travelling, watching movie or just for passing the time. And many of us have had those sliced potatoes which come in fried form. They are called potato chips. They come in