Top Global Trends in Technology for 2016

2015 in terms of technology has proved to be an eventful year. Tech companies have been capable of inventing devices that would promote into doing anything and everything, literally. 3D printing and iWatch are stated as the highlight of the year; not to forget the drones and self-driving cars
Dec 23, 2015

Indian Roads & Highways will be valued at $19.2bn by 2017

The segment has a CAGR of 19.4% between 2009-14 Being the vast country India is, it isn’t a matter of surprise that transportation is developed within the country. There are several mediums that help in a free flowing transit, hence making the connectivity aspect in India one of the

First half of 2015 witnesses 17% growth in Mobile Internet Users:IAMAI

India is striving harder than ever to go techie and the results have started to show. The first half od 2015 has been excellent in terms of internet usage, it has truely been an internet powered phase for India in the last 6 months. Although this was quite expected,

Driverless Cars hit a bump called “Motion Sickness”

Driverless technology is the biggest discovery that is taking shape presently. Car makers from around the globe are carrying out immense research operations in order to make it work in an effortless manner in their production. Most people are excited about the technology and a few customers who can afford
Aug 26, 2015

India- A Startup Rich Country by 2025

India is at 3rd position in terms of number of startups just behind US and UK What started a crazy of newness and innovation and built up as the ‘globally loved’ Information Technology industry has turned into a routine today. With companies like Google, Microsoft and others in Silicon
Jul 22, 2015

2015 may turn up as Qatar’s tourism milestone year with 3 million visitors

40,000sq meters Qatar Convocation Centre is ought to be a major tourism attraction According to the newest tourism report issued by a state owned news provider QNA (Qatar News Agency), Qatar islikely to be visited by 3 million+ tourists by the finish of 2015. The agency also reports that

India to have 75 crore Insured People by 2020

100% FDI is allowed in all health-related services Out of the 52 functional companies in the insurance sector of India, LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) is the sole entity from the public sector. Of these, 24 are life insurance organizations and 28 are non-life insurers. Apart from LIC, there is

Streamline your Start-up Business with appropriate Market Research

Start-ups are one business form which easily can get trapped in the clutches of wrong or improper decision making. The initial stages (starting days) for start-up businesses are extremely volatile as most business operators primarily focus on their goals of getting their product or service on top of their
Jun 15, 2015


The Live TV service was a BIG TIME attraction at CES 2015 Dish Network has come out with its latest offering SLING TELEVISION SERVICE which enables streaming live TV shows on tablets, smartphones, set-top box and other devices. This is surely a desperate attempt to keep the viewers held

Indian Airport Sector to be worth $12.1 bn by 2017

IATA predicts a 31% global passenger increase by the end of 2017 The International Air Transport Association (IATA) in its airline industry forecast report for 2012-17 estimated that the global airline industry can expect around 3.91 bn air travelers by the end of 2017, which is some 930 million