Trucks-Rolling the Financial System of the Country

Carrying the load of Economy When you move outside of your home, you often see large vehicles moving to and fro with big amount of load on their back roaring across the road. Those vehicles are trucks. Trucks play a very vital role in the economy of a country.

The Highs and Lows of the Indian BPO Industry!!

Service and Deliverance  In today’s date, most of us often calls on numbers for some kind of need or assistance, be it related to query or complaint of product, service, direction or for finding out the correct information we want about a particular thing. The voice on the other

Online Shopping – Jump the Queue

Imagine a classic situation; you braved the traffic for twenty minutes, next you waited in the midst of honking and checking to park your car, you very elatedly entered your favorite retail store to shop and after all the hustle and bustle you got to wait to pay your

Open Standard (ETSI based): A Strong Motivation for the Success of TETRA

The major industry for two-way stations (radio) techniques is in the conventional urgent alternatives and community alternatives marketplaces – law enforcement, ambulance services, fire brigades, railways, power companies, and local authorities. Private programs are also comprehensive and can be found in the security, education and learning, transportation, commercial and

Banking Industry: Backbone of the Indian Economy

The word ‘Bank’ came from an Italian word meaning ‘Banco’. In Italy, benches were kept in the market place to transact the business. Such banco arrangements were used to be made for smooth exchange of money and other bills of the business. A Bank is nothing but a financial