Indian Airport Sector to be worth $12.1 bn by 2017

IATA predicts a 31% global passenger increase by the end of 2017 The International Air Transport Association (IATA) in its airline industry forecast report for 2012-17 estimated that the global airline industry can expect around 3.91 bn air travelers by the end of 2017, which is some 930 million

Packaged Bottled Water in India-Creating a Tsunami of Profits

Water for sale… a never ending market nation wide “Water” without an iota of doubt is the lifeline for any living being. There is a requirement of water content of a specific amount for all living things earth and this quantity is a must on a daily basis for

DIWALI-Expected to Spark Profitable trends into the Indian Economy

Diwali- is among the biggest festivals celebrated in India and most parts of the world. It is believed to be a fest which is commemorated the victory of good or evil. Lights, sweets and new dresses are the highlights of the carnival thus shopping in an integral part of

With Google Driverless Cars Now Get RID of the Long Existing Driving Stress

Will these be permanent solutions for deaths due to vehicular accidents? Beware; you may not need to fasten those seatbelts ever. Here we are, in a world which has seen it all; from invention of motor cars done by the great Henry Ford who started a motor company “Ford
Jun 11, 2014

Brazil – The Global Retail Destination

Brazil is world’s 5th largest apparel market During the late 90’s Brazil was just like any other growing economies of the globe which was growing at a less than a normal pace. However, slowly there was an emergence happening in the country which went unnoticed from the watch of

Indian Railways- India’s Economy on Wheels

Train travel has always been an exciting affair. The anxiety to catch the train on time and then the relief after boarding it. To watch the view outside the window of the passing towns, villages and fields, the rattling sound of the wheels of the speeding train, the frequent

Headphones-Musically Making Millions of Dollars in Electronic Segment

Headphones…a world of my own! Many a times you want to listen to your favourite song or tracks while you are moving or travelling somewhere but you are not able to. You want to play it in the house, but you might not be able to as it might

Trucks-Rolling the Financial System of the Country

Carrying the load of Economy When you move outside of your home, you often see large vehicles moving to and fro with big amount of load on their back roaring across the road. Those vehicles are trucks. Trucks play a very vital role in the economy of a country.

WEDDING PLANNERS: A Service For Matches Made In Heaven

THE MATCH MAKING BUSINESS Wedding is the most auspicious and once in a lifetime moment in any person’s life. It is an institution and an occasion where a man and a woman tie knot with each other and become soul mates for the rest of their life. Be it

China Tourism Market to Grow at a CAGR of 26.17% by the Year 2017

Social media is a very strong tool to promote anything. From a pen to a celebrity, there is nothing in the world which couldn’t be promoted by social media. In this technological age where people rely on virtual space for everything, it would be a waste if things are