Indian textile industry to stitch business worth $ 220bn by 2020

Textile in India spinning yarns of profit The Indian textile industry contributes for about 30% of the total export volumes of India. It has a stamping share of 14% of the overall industrial production and involves a vast number of workers from all backgrounds of the nation. The industry


TASTY SNACKS WITH MOUTHWATERING PROFITS Gone are the days when the Indian snacks market was dominated by a handful of imported manufacturers. Previously, it only consisted of a few western companies catering limited products like chips and cutlets leaving the consumers with not much to choose. The current trend

Packaged Bottled Water in India-Creating a Tsunami of Profits

Water for sale… a never ending market nation wide “Water” without an iota of doubt is the lifeline for any living being. There is a requirement of water content of a specific amount for all living things earth and this quantity is a must on a daily basis for

DTH in India to touch $5.3 billion by 2020

By 2012, four players accounted to 88% of the market share DTH “Direct to Home” was a fancy term by the end of 2003 when it all started. 2nd October, 2003 was the day when Dish TV Asia’s largest direct-to-home entertainment company dared to change the method of television

DIWALI-Expected to Spark Profitable trends into the Indian Economy

Diwali- is among the biggest festivals celebrated in India and most parts of the world. It is believed to be a fest which is commemorated the victory of good or evil. Lights, sweets and new dresses are the highlights of the carnival thus shopping in an integral part of

Nascent Wheelchair market in India contributing big to the global market

Automated segment is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5% till 2015 As one may know developing countries in the Asian region has come a long way in their healthcare facilities. India along with China and others have constantly being investing a sizable portion of their economy on

India- Hotspot for consumer electronics and wearable technologies

80% of Indian buyers interested in fitness monitoring wearable gadgets India is world’s largest democracy with a fast growing population. The country in terms of head counts only lacks China and according to the recent reports this gap is steadily reducing constantly. With massive population growth the country is

Indian Chocolate Industry to grind profits worth $ 3.2 bn by 2018

Luxury Chocolate market grow by 35% for the year 2013 “Chocolate”, this word brings a glitter to most of our eyes and a bright smile to many faces. We can start talking about the types of chocolate we have consumed and about the favorite brand we like the most,

INDIA-strongest among all developing economies by 2016

World Bank projected India as the fastest growing economy among the emerging nations WORLD economies in recent years are unstable and find themselves swinging on a constant basis making it tough for them to survive. However, the newest recovery period has come as a sigh of relief for all

Indian Personal Care Sector gets a makeover, to be worth $14 billion by 2015

Anti-aging products scores max-growing elderly population worldwide is the reason When was the last time you had a saloon experience? Personal care as an industry has turned equally important to healthcare; and people around the globe seem to understand this much better in recent years the industry has caught