1 hotspot for every 20 users around the world will come up by 2018 Latest research studies under the telecom business in India have bought in fresh insights, the industry is all set to achieve twofold rise in its subscribers, according to the report on “Indian Telecom Service Market

Humans would give up driving seats within the next decade: Google

Ever since the initial stages the Internet giant is working on an all automated driverless vehicle Amidst all ongoing news reports about the massively covered “driverless car concept” subject, the beginner of the technology Google Inc has come out with some fresh developments. The company seems to be gearing
May 20, 2015

Xiaomi gets its first Indian investor in Ratan Tata

The dream run for Xiaomi doesn’t seem to end anytime sooner. After outdoing its arch rival Samsung as it became the leading mobile handsets selling company in China and 5th largest in the globe the company is now concentrating on India markets. Company sources have repeatedly indicated that India

Now Google Plans to enter the telecom sector, in talks with operators

The global telecom industry may see a massive explosive change in a few months from now if the grapevine is to be trusted. There are unconfirmed reports that GOOGLE is planning to enter the telecom industry on a global platform and for the same there are attempts of discussion

Smartphone Gaming industry to get a RESTART as Nintendo plans to enter the fray

Although the brand plans to enter the mobile gaming segment, it will continue to focus in its hardware market If news updates from last week is to be trusted, the gaming mogul Nintendo is about to jump into the smartphone gaming segment. Renowned tech news providers have come out

Global Education Industry Trends For 2015

The future in 2015 for the education sector is hardly predicted as most of the predictions are going towards IT, infrastructure, retail and so on. However, taking nothing away from the education segment it can be said that the learning processes are on their way to massive changes. The
Feb 13, 2015

Most Likely Trends from Banking Industry for 2015

Regulatory Compliance and Mobile Payment Systems BIG TERMS in banking industry for 2015 Regulatory compliance- in a layman’s language is the punishment given to banks for jumping the gun on any rule or regulation laid by the global banking sector authorities. The same has been the BIG push button

Most Likely Trends from Retail Industry for 2015

2014 was a year of changes for the retail industry as several things happened at an extremely unpredictable speed. Notably the sales went on from physical (brick and mortar stores) to the online medium. There were innumerable companies getting their tech switch on and preparing their online presence and

Most Likely Trends from Technology Industry for 2015

The bygone year was an absolute important one for technology. There were too many essential innovations done resulting in new products, the tech industry was exposed to another level of smartness. “Wearable device technology is now a necessity from once being a fantasy.” This pattern of modernism is expected

AUTOMOTIVE HUD (Head-Up Display) INDUSTRY TO REACH $8.3bn by 2020

HUD’s have multiple usage in automobiles, aviation, gaming and lot more HUD-Head-Up Display was first introduced in the year 1942 after the British military fighter planes as the pilots were finding it difficult to react over the sudden instructions they received through the radars. This technology enables the pilot
Dec 31, 2014