By 2018, Metrology Market to be Valued Beyond $720 BN

Industries use multiple metrology systems to attain utmost accuracy Metrology in simple words is the science of measurement. It includes both practical and theoretical aspects of measurement; it basically has three sub sections which are Scientific & Fundamental metrology, Applied, Industrial and Technical metrology and Legal metrology. In order

Image Recognition System-The Future of Identification

The industry is estimated a CAGR growth of 21.6% for 2014-19 Image Recognition is a modern technology that enables a computer to understand things. This method of putting up things is also known as a computer’s way of grasping things in the form of images and reproducing important information
Jul 30, 2014

Tablets Likely to be the Next Desktops

Tablets clearly ruling the tech industry Since the evolution of computers and the online world, everyday has been a witness to something new that is advanced and helps in making things simpler. Initially there were gigantic computers huge in their size equal to an office or a classroom. Further
Jun 30, 2014

Retailing Industry to Uplift the Shopping Craze

Global Retail Market to Reach $10 Trillion Mark Soon The line of difference between the Global E-commerce market and the Global Retail market is fast vanishing. All of these are set to venture into a sea space of online marketing where the online activities will carry the industry at

Crucial Retail Banking Trends 2014

Banking world undergoes a makeover Couple of years in the recent past has been havoc for world economies. Giant financially armed countries had to manage a situation of hand to mouth which was getting tougher with every sunset. This condition spread to all countries of the globe and was

Restaurant Industry 2014 – Is Hot and Tasty

Restaurant Business Cooking Up Unpredictable Profits In the early 18th century or even before came in the concept of “Restaurant” in countries like the US, China and the Greek culture. This was initially the concept of small areas which prepared and served recipes that were ordered by the consumers.

US Recycling Industry-A Junkyard with Mind Blowing Revenues

Recycling- method of turning rages into riches Have you ever thought what happens to the empty cold drink can or a waste paper once you dispose it off in the dustbin. It is ought to have crossed your mind but the robust research work needed to find the end

Smart Phones-Impossible is Nothing

Smart phones, the smarter way to keep in touch Smart phones have undoubtedly been the biggest discovery of the communication industry, or are they? Well, this has to be true at least until the next big thing comes in to the market. Mobile phone industry; precisely the shipment growth
Apr 30, 2014

Superbikes- Riding Fast on Road of Growth in India

Scorch the road!! Most of us always want to own a machine where we can zip away between the traffic with ease. Where with a slight acceleration given to it will make it go like a bullet. Covering long distance at an electrifying speed, scorching the road in a
Mar 21, 2014

Newspapers – Circulating the Ups and Downs Factor

Extra… Extra… Read all about it! What do you look for when you open your door early in the morning? The newspaper! A thing which goes daily with your morning tea. Be it in house, in the bus, in the park or at the airport or railway station, it
Mar 14, 2014