Pet Care Market – Scaling New Heights of Growth!


PetCareThe ABC of Caring for Pets
Remember the moments when you reach home and your dog comes running at you, giving a warm welcome, and filled with joy. Jumping on you, licking you and expressing his unconditional love for you in every way. Or be it your cat, which comes and sits on your lap, making himself comfy and cozy. It gives a wonderful feeling, a feeling of belonging to someone who loves and cares for you. Pets and humans share a very close bond. They play the role of a friend, a playmate, an emotional partner when you feel low and your protector when you are in danger. Pets have a great importance in human life. They are like an inseparable part of the family. And as a family member, the humans too have some responsibilities towards them.

Pet care today has become a fast emerging sector in India. Though it is a flourishing industry in the US and the rest of the developed countries, the trend is speedily catching up in the Indian market also. Pet care market is steadily expanding its wings among the pet owners. Pets come in all shapes and sizes, be it dog, cat, birds or fishes. Their needs and requirement also vary from each other. With increasing awareness among the pet owners regarding pet care, several services and products are launched in the market. Pet food makers are main players who are capitalizing the pet market. The owners look for the food which have nutritional ingredients in them and which helps in the growth and development of the pets. Companies like Pedigree and Royal Canin has flourished the market with a whole range of dog and cat food products. Also various types of dietary supplements are flooding the market which aids the strengthening of the bones and teeth of the animal, bring a shine to their fur and coat and increase their immunity power to fight diseases. Since many human type ailments are found in pets too; various types of medicines are available in the market to cope with them. Veterinary clinics and hospitals too are seeing a growth factor due to the escalation in the pet care trend. They are adding in latest machinery, medical equipments and surgical instruments to meet the medical care the animals need.

Pet Accessories have also found a considerable market due to growth in pet care sector. Products like leashes, chains, collars, tick collars, chew toys, bowls, dogs and cat beds have plenty of buyers for them today. Various other services have come up as well in this sector like pet grooming parlors and spas. Dog spa and salon are coming up in most of the major cities. They offer services like cutting and trimming the hair and nails of the dog, doing their vaccinations, giving them a medicated bath with shampoos and fragrances, and groom them completely. Alongside, lodging and boarding for the pets have also turned into a huge business opportunity. Now you can keep pets with the boarding facilitators who look after them while you are away or where it is not possible to take your pets along. There are even human type five star hotel accommodations now a days where your dog or cat can live in a suite type room with complete personal care. Also there are party organizers who arrange birthday parties or get together for the pets of the rich and famous.

Though it is a expanding industry it is mainly limited to urban areas only till now. Most of the regions across India still remain untouched by the growth of this sector. As pet adoption is on the rise and more and more number of people are opting to have a pet in their house, there is a positive sign that this sector shall continue to grow even more.