Purity of the Water, Still Remains a Serious Issue in India


WaterWorldwide more than one billion individuals absence entry to secure water and approximately 2.4 Billion individuals absence entry to proper sterilization, nearly all of them in the developing countries, including Indian country. Nearly a third of the globe’s inhabitants global live in water-stressed areas. This figure is predicted to rise to two-third of the inhabitants by 2025.

With improved the number of individuals becoming conscious of the risks of consuming infected water, the need for water cleaners is rising rapidly. In modern times, Native Indian water cleaner industry has witnessed a rapid development of 22% CAGR. The water cleaner industry sales grew considerably during FY’09 as compared to previous fiscal due to improving need and growing production capacity. The industry saw high development of rate 17% during FY’08 due to the improving awareness for secure water. The UV section, which comprises more than 55% of the industry and is a key focus area for water cleaner manufacturers, due to the higher edges it offers, is predicted to proceed its rapid development. According to TechSci Analysis, Native Indian Water Purifier industry will proceed its development velocity and is predicted to observe a revenues development of more than 22% CAGR during the period between FY’11 and to FY’14.   Consumer Goods

TechSci Analysis performed a study across 10 major places in India with 600 users of water cleaner to understand the industry size, development drivers, issues and buying behavior styles. The places covered in the study were, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Pune and Bhopal.

The Native Indian industry has tremendous potential which is more evident from the fact that global degrees such as Philips and Hindustan Handle have stepped in and are looking to increase their business. The three principal players today are Eureka Forbes, KENT RO and Ion Exchange (Zero B). In the decades to come, we are likely to see others entering the arena.