Savory Snacks Market to Value $96.5 Billion By 2016


The world is divided between two people. One who loves savory and the other who love sweets. And there’s a category who loves both, most of the people fall in that category. Savory refers to those snacks that are usually spicy or salty. Savories are one of the favorite pass-time for people. While working, driving, watching TV or surfing the internet, they would like to have something to munch on. Snacks are a smaller portion of food, than a regular meal, usually eaten between meals. They are available in different forms and these snacks can be made fresh at home or purchased. These salty, creamy, spicy and crunch snack is a guilty pleasure for most. Snacks usually derail people from their diet plan.

Savory snacks market is one of the growing segment in the food sector. People from all demographic love it. Surprisingly most of snacks invented were by accidents. The most loved snack in the world potato chip was invented out of anger by the chef. The savory market is in great demand and has seen a consistent rise in the years.

A market research report states that Global savory snacks industry is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% by the year 2015. The market value is set to be $96.5 billion by 2016. The emerging countries in the savory snack market in the world are China leading the market followed by México and Brazil.

The report clearly shows how much people enjoy their snacks and the growing market which is shooting year after year.