Skin Care Market: Striking The Right Note


SkincareThey say never ask a woman her age, but I guess they forgot to mention that also, Never ask a woman about her skin care routine. It’s one of the guarded secrets that a woman refuses to share. And why would she, a glowing skin is what everyone wants the most. Women, irrespective of age follow an elaborate ritual that includes using creams, moisturizers, bath gels, lotions skin and makeup products that would enhance their already beautiful skin.

Skin care isn’t something that started a while ago; it dates back to the Egyptian civilization where from the Queen to the poor peasants everybody would use skin products. This was also because they believed that they could ward off evil spirits by using kohl and other products. The famous Geishas would use natural products like rice powder and bird dropping to decorate their faces. But what was natural then is now infused with technology to give a better edge to the products.

A market research analysis states that Skin care is the largest in terms of value and size in the cosmetics industry and is estimated to grow at a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4% in coming two years. The skin care market has seen a consistent growth amongst its peers. This happened largely because they have tapped the need of customers and introduced products which gained immediate success.

Tapping into the needs of the customer:

The skin care industry has been hitchhiking on the success of anti aging creams and skin whitening creams. The demand for these products has grown immensely in the past 2 years. The introduction of anti aging creams became a rage and so did skin whitening products. The customers are becoming more and more aware about their skin and are looking for options. The spending power of the people has increased; the higher disposable income has resulted in more purchase of the products. The middle age is the most potential target of the brands; most of the new products are introduced keeping them in mind. The youngsters are also not far behind they are also becoming conscious of their skin. The marketing of these products is done aggressively. The advancement of scientific technology is also responsible for the rise.

A healthy glowing skin is often a sign of a healthy mind and body. At present, people usually don’t have time to use the age old method as skin treatments. The ones available in the market are their only solution. Seeing the flourishing skin care market right now, we should only wait to see what the future holds for them.