The Live TV service was a BIG TIME attraction at CES 2015

Sling TelevisionDish Network has come out with its latest offering SLING TELEVISION SERVICE which enables streaming live TV shows on tablets, smartphones, set-top box and other devices. This is surely a desperate attempt to keep the viewers held back to television as the once stranglehold of cable TV services is no more the same. This situation prolongs in most parts of the globe and with the inventions of high-tech entertainment devices TV as a media device is soon turning into an idiot box in real terms.

Although SLING Television-LIVE TV service has just began in the US and is still at its tender days offering around just 12 channels it is predicted to be the game-changer for the entertainment industry. It was introduced in America early last week and is expected to be available nationwide within a period of 2 weeks. As expected, the signups are fast filling and it is said to be worth a try for it is just charged a $20 fee per month. However, it is understandable that this is just the initial stage fee for the starting service days and it will be hiked as the channel count go up.

Why use SLING TELEVISION over Cable Service?

Watching your favorite show at anytime from anywhere is a reality now if you opt for SLING TELEVISION streaming service. All you need is a wired or wireless Internet access and signup for the live TV streaming service. It delivers more than expected (as put by the initial users) and is quite a cakewalk in term of interface which turns browsing through various channels a child’s play. This facility of viewing different channels is extremely flexible especially on tablets however on a smartphone it may require some alterations in order to fit into the different screen resolutions.

In an age of unaffordable cable service payments this offer of a mere $20 per month without any additional commitment at all; the SLING TELEVISION service is going to turn as the biggest temptation at least in the small screen entertainment. In case of you being a sport lover or a person who wants to stay updated with all the visual news channels from around the globe then SLING TELEVISION service Live TV streaming is a must try for you. The channel offering is a small size mix bag with sports and news being the core of them with ESPN, ESPN2. It also has a good list of news channels along with a few from travel and food industry. In totality; presently there are 12 channels which have reported signed the contracted and are online. It is pretty natural that the numbers of channels will surely shoot-up once the service catches with subscription. 

Where the service needs improvements?

As the Live TV streaming service is planning to get channels of its own hence many channels signing up contracts for Live streaming is less likely to happen. Alike DVRs this service too has the jump backwards or forward to skip advertisements yet it does not include the recording facility until now which is a big disadvantage. Again there are issues with the Internet connections and the service gets frozen (sometimes long while together) which can be quite frustrating for the viewers as they are traditional cable TV users and aren’t accustomed to such an unwanted intermission. The inconvenience of not being able to play the same content on two different devices at the same time is another major rectification that needs to be done before the services is launched to the masses.

SLING TELEVISION Live steaming service is overall tagged to be a successful stepping stone in the right direction to improve the entertainment quality and the observers project a massive industry in the upcoming years as the service ventures out to other countries around the globe.