Smart Housing Equipments Market to Grow at 10.3% by 2016

Posted in House Supplies by Adolf on Jul 24,2013 30

Switch off the lights, a/c when leaving the room this is a classic line which most of the times doesn’t happen either they are in a rush or have forgotten. But wouldn’t it better if the lights, a/c or any electrical appliances switch off automatically without you physically do it. Enter technology which is said to make life simpler. Technological innovations are not happening only in the field of medicine, science; gadgets etc. From coming up with unbelievable cures for dangerous disease to building man like robots. Technology has become smarter and more efficient. It started with smart transportation, city, grid, phones and now smart homes. The equipments available in the home appliance market have made them even smarter hence the name Smart Homes.


Smart homes are different from normal homes. They have Hi-tech Communications network is installed in the home. This allows different systems and devices in the home to sync with each other. In other words intelligent homes have a variety of systems like fire and security alarms, central lighting and appliances like lights and television that operate by them sensing body or voice command. These equipments are usually used as safety options like central locking which doesn’t need the traditional lock and key, fire alarm which senses temperature and gives the signal.

These equipments are in demand and in future will be in most of the homes. A market research report estimates the growth of the global smart home market at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.03 % by the year 2016. These technological innovations are sure to protect the environments and the homes.

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