Smartphone Usage around the World-AN INSIGHT


Smartphone-Usage-around-the-World-AN-INSIGHTUAE leads the smartphone using nation’s list with 74% of its population utilizes a smartphone for communication and several other purposes. The range of users especially in the age group of 16-34 years is massive as a whopping 81% of them use it. The penetration is increasingly rising among other age groups as well and the future trends seems to remain the same at least for the immediate following years.

The number of global smartphone users is calculated to go beyond 176 billion according to a popular research firm. In comparison, this will be about 25% more than what it was by the year 2013; there were around 14 billion smartphone users on a daily basis. The research further confirms that the number of people using smartphones globally is most likely to cross 276 billion by 2018, this will be a whopping 37% of the total world population. However, it is equally important to learn about the country contributions to the monolithic growth that is taking place. Here’s a brief idea on the same:

Asia Pacific This region has a record growth pattern which is incomparable with any other part of the globe. South Korea leads the list of countries from Asia with almost 2/3rd of its population using smartphones. A total of 951million people from Asia use a smartphone and the count is rising at an unprecedented rate.

Australia is the only nation in the world in which half of its population owns a smartphone. Yet it is ranked as 6th largest smartphone using country being a less populated one.

China being the tech capital of the globe has a bit of a let-down outcome. Hardly the count of the smartphone users touches half of the total population in the world’s most populated country. However, it is expected to reach the leading position by the end of 2018.

Japan on the list has half of its citizens using a smartphone, making it a tough competitor in the global market.

USA is rated as the second-largest market for smartphones. The penetration is expected to rise and cross the 50% population mark by the end of 2015.

For the European corners- Norway scores the most as it is ranked at the 5th largest in the world with 68% of smartphone users. Sweden and United Kingdom (UK) follow the list at 62.9% and 62.2% smartphone users. Denmark and Ireland catch the 10th and 11th positions with 59% and 57%; whereas Spain is placed at right bottom with least 55.4% of its population who are smartphone users.

Though smartphones are overtaking computers in usage, it is still evident that computer usage is strong among the age-group 16 to 24 years,there are around 87% of computer users around the globe. However, the growth of computer users around the world is not as high as it used to be. The speedy growth has shifted to smartphone users instead.

62% of Americans in the last one year have used their #smartphones for #healthcare, 57% have done #onlinebanking


Smartphone users by age-groups:

Teens and young adults around the world are rightly known as the most tech savvy group as they are the most users of both the computer and the smartphone. As mentioned above, 87% of them use the computer on a regular basis; moreover they are also the most active on smartphones. 88% of users from this age-group are glued to their smartphones. They are followed by the age-group of 25 to 34 years who aren’t different and score a 85% active rate.

The activeness keeps declining as the age increases and thus the ones in the 65 years and above age-group are the least users of smartphones with 11%.

Users based on Data:

Users in the age-group of 13 to 18 years are found to be the most active on social media platforms. They utilize an average of 320MB every month. This quantity of data usage has tremendously increased by a whopping 256% over the past few years.
Driving deeper by the gender, boys consume about 382MB per month wherein the girls are catching up at 266MB. Checking social media accounts using smartphone Internet data ranks the usage reasons list followed by uploading photos on the same social media platforms is another common usage.

They are followed by the age-group 19 to 30 years who use the mobile data for almost similar reasons. The age group of 50-65 years and above use the least mobile data; they are more of the offline users of the smartphone.