Makers like Sony, Moto and Google eyeing the Smartwatch industry

SMARTWATCHES-vs.-SMARTPHONES--A-Nail-Biting-ContestThe media and communication industry has seen a complete lifespan of many devices which have come and gone and had their fair share of popularity. Smartphone is the newest on the popular devices list; it is a communication cum media accessories that is omnipresent today, so much so it gets to our nerves at times. It keeps us involved even when we want it to keep mum. Yet, today the time has arrived when the smartphone and its usage has reach its pinnacle, knowledgeable minds from the tech sector have moved on to other hi-tech ‘better’ devices that do more. Smartwatch is a device that is entertained equally as the smartphones, of late; after the Apple Watch release there have been waves of news spreading about the technology almost every second day.

Alike always, there is a comparison happening where overall values (both merits and demerits) of smartphone and smartwatch have begun. Hence, it’s a battle for survival between the SMARTWATCHES vs. SMARTPHONES.

Will the Smartwatches EAT UP the Smartphones?

It is a double sword situation for tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and others as they have their smartphones flooded all over the tech market, whereas their new discovery-the Smartwatch needs to be sold too. The era of wearable technology is reportedly started by Apple as it has bravely launched the APPLE WATCH when it has a handsome market for its iPhone series. On the other hand, there are several other competitors such as Microsoft, Samsung and Asus along with some other brands which are striving hard to launch their counter products as early as possible.

In order to chalk out a decisive understanding about the subject there is a recent data collection about wearable technology trends held through a survey that included a sample of 14,000 tech savvy people from around the globe.

In Spain, 7 out of every 10 tech users are happy to shift base to the wearable technology leaving behind Smartphone market. The situation is exactly opposite in France where the same number of people are deadly against giving up smartphones for wearables.

It’s a 50-50 verdict based on men and women; students and professionals. Therefore, it would be said that the council of 6 developed nation’s naming-UK, US, Germany, Spain, Italy and France has poised an evenly split viewpoint regarding the smartphone vs. smartwatch question.

Saturation visible in Smartphones and Tablets market:


With the right mix in the future, Smartwatches may replace Smartphones and end its dominance


Smartphone market in countries like Australia, UK and Norway is between 62-68% whereas, in the Asia it is much higher at above the 70-75% mark. South Korea was first of the lot to hit the saturation point at 73% penetration rate. In the US, the penetration is about 56% with a growth rate of 27% for the annum which is an unmissable fact. However, the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are on optimum risk as they are finding it tough to find adequate market for their produce and are facing a little-to NO MARGIN condition.

Smartwatch –a likely revolution in the tech industry:

The initial impression of the smartwatch was that it will be a “useless gadget” however the terminology has been withdrawn today as major tech companies have invested leaps and come out with the gadget and are ought to enjoy a fan-filled market. The Apple Watch launch has arguably changed the viewpoint about the gadget and there is confirmed news of many others like Microsoft, HTC, Asus and lot more tech gadget makers of jumping into the fray in the coming days.

Indeed an interesting competition to watch out for!!!