So are you ready to have a Barbarity Black Friday?


Black-FridayHippy!!!  It’s that time of the year again…when people in huge numbers are queued up in freezing winter night outside the closed doors of shopping malls. It is the time to get on with the shopping spree on a BLACK FRIDAY. Shopping turns out to be a wild fire disease on this day, so much so that the activity provokes violence. Can you imagine people slugging each other or verbally abusing (it starts this way, by the way) for a product. This sounds and seems displeasing when experienced (even if you are a by-stander) but things really take an ugly turn at these renowned shopping malls on these exclusive heavy discounted days. But then why is it there cases of violence and blood shedding year-after-year?

Psychologists’ indicate the reasons to be primordially related to the human thinking patterns. There are certain provoking conditions that wake up the evil in the shoppers, in order to fulfill the expectations of the shoppers this year the sale period is extended in various outlets. The entire hysteria starts well before the actual black Friday hours-by Thursday evening (on the thanksgiving evening) and is slotted to stay until the following Monday which is also addressed as the “Cyber Monday”.

Real incidents of violence during Black Friday:

Last year, a woman according to NBC10 used a stun gun on another during a verbal scuffle at a mall in Northeast Philadelphia.

In Chicago, a policeman shot the driver of the car that was dragging his colleague when they responded to a compliant call about a shoplifting at Kohis. Later, three persons were imprisoned for the same.

A Las Vegas shopper was shot at which he tried to carry his newly purchased television: reported by NBC News.

Similar cases of fighting and abusing where the police had to get in and control the situations either by arresting trouble-makers or by pepper spraying the mob have repeatedly accounted and big brands especially Wal-Mart has been the epicenter in most of the occurrences.

What are the reasons for the maddening shopping saga every year, Psychologists have a rare viewpoint on this which is befitting witnessing the rush and craziness. Let’s go through them.

Doorbuster sales technique:

In simplest term: this is just making fools of customers. Getting them into the shop by offering ‘unbelievable’ discounted offers and making them purchase all things which may be or may not (often such things are useless) of any use after a try or two. This is just hogwash and in most cases works in favor of the sellers as there is a massive sell out- out of stock situation. With the cut-throat competition every brand is not any stone unturned to grab each customer.

Materialism takes ONN:

The love for things (new purchases) is many times higher than the usual because of the extreme discounts offered. The importance for logical shopping (SHOP WHAT YOU NEED) fails to make any sense during the most awaited shopping period and thus everyone is found buying things which aren’t of any use to them. Most of the purchase happens due to the least pricing offers and limited stocking technique.


Competition comes in early and it’s serious…. Everybody is competing with each other. Neighbors with neighbors, relatives to their counterparts and so much so that even people within a home (immediate family) have their horns locked. It is like scoring higher marks in the school, you just want to have more stuffs into your bag to emerge as superior shopper. At the end if the person calculates the amount/sum spent on buying stuffs more than 50% of the purchase stands meaningless. It is just a desperate attempt to beat the other person at the counter with a heavier basket and a longer item list. It needs to be thought who otherwise wrestles for a mattress or a TV; many cases of clashes have even happened right on the parking lots and a few of them have seriously turned ugly with physical abusing and arrests.

Best Illustration of Herd Mentality:

What do they end up to? Real Deals OR Marketing Scams?

Please don’t tag me as has an anti-shopper (obviously I do shop when there’s need) but going for shopping just because the world’s doing it is not my cup of tea. The practice of rushing to the malls has picked up speedy and it has happened in no time. Looking at the trends every shopping establishment big and small have started minting profits. A prime example for this is the Marcy’s- a popular shopping chain in the US opened up on a Thanksgiving Day, it was a 155 years record break as the management had skipped its holiday policy on the day. A crowd of 15k shoppers were reportedly waiting well before the opening hour.

Many others including Wal-Mart (one of the beginners at pushing the opening hour) have been successful in catching the attention of millions of customers and get them addicted to shopping on the Black Friday weekend.

However, it’s a personal choice how much of a shopper you personally would like to turn on this happening weekend, it is just expected to be much more peaceful than the previous years.