Superbikes- Riding Fast on Road of Growth in India


Superbikes- RidingScorch the road!!

Most of us always want to own a machine where we can zip away between the traffic with ease. Where with a slight acceleration given to it will make it go like a bullet. Covering long distance at an electrifying speed, scorching the road in a flash along with feeling the wind on your face with and racing away in style. Superbikes are just the thing which fulfills this zeal of yours. It is an ultimate engineering marvel filled with immense power, speed and maneuverability. They are mainly sports bike and used for racing purpose. They have a huge craze among the bikers around the globe. It is like a dream machine for most of the bikers and people owning them flash them as a status symbol and pride

Superbikes have made their mark globally and they are the fastest selling item of the automobile sector. Since they are fast, agile and easy to handle and unlike cars you can easily squeeze out of rush hour traffic, they become the first choice of many people. These rapid wheelers are also covering a significant place in the Indian two-wheeler market.  Since biking has become a fad amongst the Indian youngsters too; these bikes are finding plenty of customers for themselves. With a maiden beginning back in 2007 when Yamaha launched its first superbike motorcycles with an engine capacity of more than 650cc, the trend followed on.

Several companies like Honda, Ducati, BMW and Suzuki stormed the Indian motorcycle industry with a whole range of their mean machines. These bikes can accelerate in matter of seconds and maintain high speed on the road. Its shape, design, specifications became a major attraction for the Indian bike lovers. Today, they are available with a huge engine power of 1500cc with 6 speed forward gear, ABS disc braking system, digital fuel injection system, telescopic suspension and tubeless tires. And these premium segment bikes come with a huge price tag ranging from 11 lakh to 20 lakh rupees.

As the economy of India has grown significantly and as the per capita earning of the people has risen as well, the companies are finding large number of buyers for their products. This sector has registered magnificent growth of CAGR of over 325% during 2009 to 2011 and is still showing a healthy climb. Even after the recent economic slowdown, the sales structure of this sector was not affected too much and was able to keep a steady pace. Thus, it will be appropriate to say, like the swiftness of these fantastic bikes, this industry will continue to show amazing growth figures.