Supercars: An accelerating billion dollar industry


SupercarsUnleash the Power

From the emergence of automobile, man has always been looking for ways to add more speed and power to the machines on wheels. The desire to have a car that would just zip away in a blink of an eye and which would break the barriers of normal automotive engineering and satisfy your adrenaline drive of burning the rubber at full torque. A vehicle that will allow them to race, feel their engine roaring and display their machismo in a grand way, satisfying their urge of speed and power. The zeal to go faster and have tremendous power under the hood have always been a craze for the car owners. As the man’s yearning galloped to new heights the demand of such cars also rose substantially. This combination of Man, machine, speed and power gave birth to a new breed of cars, now known as SUPERCARS.

Supercars are sports cars, especially built and designed for Speed, Power and Aero dynamism. They are generally expensive line of cars and have limited production and are targeted mainly for the elite class. Engines are designed specifically to deliver more power and thrust to the vehicle. From the chassis to the roof, it is built in such a manner that it can zoom away swiftly with ease. Supercars market holds a very specific place in the worldwide automotive industry. It cannot be compared with the others as its buyers come from a very different need and specification than the other vehicle user. These fantastic motor vehicles come with engine specifics ranging from V6 to V12 with 8 to 12 cylinders output and 6 to 7 speed gears forward. They can go from 0 to 100 in a matter of 4 to 6 seconds and reach a breathtaking speed of 350 Km/ Hr. With state of the anti lock braking system they can stop from a whooping speed of 200 km/hr to zero within 2 to 5 meters instantly. Plus to feel the wind while you drive some of them even come in convertible models where you can bring the roof down and enjoy utmost driving pleasure. Companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugati, Aston Martin and Mclaren are the top most players in the sports car market. The vehicles manufactured by these companies have a huge fan following all around the world. These powerful machines have established themselves in prominent way globally. Not only in US and European car market, they have large amount of growth and customers even in the Middle East and South East Asian countries like India, China, Korea and Japan.

These cars are not only well equipped for racing but they are also technologically advanced as well. As with the computer monitored engine, its power distribution, speed and agility are all controlled in a millisecond and they come with world’s best car safety features due to its fierce speed and power. Some companies even customize their car according to the order of the buyer. The global expansion of the economy has added numbers too; to the buyers of the supercars. It has become the ultimate choice of the rich and famous to flaunt their status symbol. However as the global energy crisis looms over head and mileage was never a forte of these cars; it is clouding some amount of worry on the manufacturers. But the car makers are attempting to resolve this problem as Mercedes has launched their new variant of electric AMG sport concept which is kind of an answer for the issues related to sports car lovers and automobile market. With this success, this industry is hopeful of continuing with same pace as it has been maintaining today.