Tablets Likely to be the Next Desktops


Tablets clearly ruling the tech industry

Since the evolution of computers and the online world, everyday has been a witness to something new that is advanced and helps in making things simpler. Initially there were gigantic computers huge in their size equal to an office or a classroom. Further developments enabled devices which turned compact but they would do activities in much simpler and quicker manneTablets Likely to be the Next Desktopsr. Introduction of Laptops was one such landmark that completely changed the computer markets worldwide. These laptops further got smaller and smarter and in the present day we are experiencing latest computing devices known as “Tablets”. This device is the newest discovery in the computing industry which is very compact and includes a display, battery and circuit enabling an excellent mobile computing experience for its users.

Tablets for the convenience of its users further restricts the size factor and is effortlessly portable compared even to the sleekest laptop models in the market. The functionalities of these devices are way too easier as they receive commands on the screen touch format and largely operate on the sensor patterns. It is pretty logical that tablets enjoy a fantastic reception in its market. This is so much so that it is fast eating up the sale space of the previous versions of computing. Tablets are clearly replacing and ahead dominating the sale quotes of desktops and laptops on a global front. According to the latest study findings, this version is set to capture almost half of the industry stake which is presently dominated by desktops, laptops and notebooks together. According to a market research, the gap between these devices selling globally is closing up faster than expected, as tablets clocks just half a million lesser in volume than the volume of notebooks sold last year. The rise of tablet market can be estimates as the overall PC market for the world grew up by a handsome 18% despite the slowdown in the sales of desktop and notebook shipments.

Further the tablet market is estimated to do well as the sales volume is forecasted to reach a mark of 285 mn units to be shipped by the end of 2014. This shipment quantity is assumed to surpass a whopping 396 mn mark by the last quarter of 2017. Speaking about the competition part, arch rivals brands Apple and Samsung are ought to fight a close battle and maintain the top positions in the industry. Although, they are also sure to face tough counters from the other manufacturers.

As for the present race for the hot seat, Apple Inc has been leading all through the last year and its new launch the iPad mini is only going to help in cementing its position. Detailed market studies have bought in good news for the company as it is found to be the only player whose notebook and desktop segments are also performing well as compared to its contenders who are facing the heat with severe declined shipments.

Going by the trends, Microsoft is likely to book in an impressive share of 5% into the global tablet industry thereby, creating some more competition for Apple. This hike for Microsoft is seen as an encouragement for the entire industry as the figures were as low as 2% in the year 2012. To make it even more profitable Microsoft is working hard on road to modernize its mobile offerings.

In totality, the global tablet industry is calculated to grow at a CAGR of 26.2% for the years from 2013 to 2018.