The Ever-Changing Mobile Technology Market


MobileTechnologyWhich phone shall I buy? Iphone5 is better or Samsung Galaxy Grand is a better or is Nokia still a good one to go with or the upcoming Micromax or any other one??? Today’s technology has upgraded to a much higher lever and is getting better and better every quarter; and there are a huge number of options; hence, people get confused which phone shall they opt for.

Let us see the market for the mobile companies in India. Nokia was the largest vendor mobile phone company (both in India and Worldwide) with the largest market share from 1998 to 2012 until Samsung overtook in the first quarter of 2012. Samsung became the highest selling company of mobile, selling 93.5 million units against Nokia’s 82.7 million units; thus Samsung acquired a market share of 21% (approx.) leaving behind Nokia with 20% (approx.) in the Indian markets. The reason behind the downfall of Nokia started mainly due to the increasing demand from other vendors like Apple iPhone and Samsung which manufactured smart phones with a better and upgraded technology. Hence, the share price of Nokia fell from 40 USD in 2007 to 2 USD in mid-2012.

India is the second largest mobile phone user behind China (over 1 billion users) with over 800 million users as of 2012. There were 64.14million additions to mobile phone subscribers in 2006 which increased to 85.27 million additions in 2007 to 148.32 million in 2011. India is expected to cross China very soon as the its increasing rate of mobile phone users is more than in China.

As per the recent forecasts, the Indian telecom and mobile market will grow at a CAGR (between 2010 and 2014) of 15.8% with revenues of Rs.3, 77,683 crore (USD 82 billion).

According to IDC, India is expected to have a growth percentage of 57.5% against China’s 26.2% and USA’s 11.6% during 2011-16.

The mobile phones can also be categorized in terms of the operating system like Android, iOS, Blackberry OS and few others. Android is expected to acquire a market share of 63.8% against iOS with 19.1% and Windows with 11.4%. No wonder the Samsung phones using Android application are gaining popularity all over the world with an increasing growth rate!!!