The “iPhone X” Dilemma

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Usually, if you were to spend anything near or above $1000 on a piece of technology, it would be considered an absolute necessity. As a technology enthusiast myself, I would spend such an amount on say a powerful PC, which would be sure to safeguard me at least for the next 4 years against the flurry of advanced and feature rich upcoming games and software. That’s not the case however.

The precise $ 1,149 amount being discussed here is for an Apple product, namely the iPhone X. Apple, a brand that exerts luxury each time it’s spoken of, a symbol of status in its own right. Apple announced the iPhone 8 ($699) and the 8 Plus ($799) on 12th September event. The same event saw the announcement of what we are talking and know of as the “iPhone X”, with X being the Roman Numeral that substitutes for the number 10. Number 10 here is of significance as it has been 10 years since the first iPhone was released by the late Steve Jobs in 2007.

The world gasped and wowed as the iPhone X was revealed. It includes all the features you’d expect out of a flagship smartphone of today and much more, including the facial recognition scanner in order to unlock the phone. And as always, there are many who are concerned regarding their privacy. Well for them it should come as a relief that many Chinese players are selling masks to help you “protect” from identity thefts. Anyway, among all the chaos the one thing that stands out is the price of the device.

The iPhone X starts at $999 for 64 GB and $1,149 for 256 GB. That’s right, a phone for $1000. Let that sink in for a moment. Obviously there was outrage regarding the price and social media has facilitated in what it does best, humorous and sarcastic responses. Even for the average American, the price is pretty exorbitant.

To put things into perspective, for a $1000 you could :

  • Sail to the Caribbean on a seven day luxury cruise.
  • Spend nine days at Disneyland.
  • Invest that money and watch it grow.

If you’re an Indian, you could :

  • Travel Abroad.
  • Buy 654 Jio phone connections, enough to connect a small village.
  • If luxury is your pick, buy a Louis Vuitton bag or a TAG Heuer watch.
  • Fund a child’s education at SOS Children’s Villages for about eight years at Rs 10,800 annually.

All the gag aside, a lot can be done with $1000. Priorities aren’t same for everyone though as no two people are the same. One of the reasons why Apple can charge such premium and get away with it is the fact that it’s a premium brand. Since the very beginning, Apple has always marketed itself in such a way that its often viewed as a status symbol.

Take the very first iPhone for example; Launched in the first quarter of 2007 the iPhone retailed at US$499 for 4 GB and US$599 for the 8 GB model. It still didn’t deter buyers, as the company sold 270,000 iPhone units during the first 30 hours of sales. The figures should give you an idea as to what may seem as too high a price for a normal consumer, feels normal to Apple.

Then again, there are people who will definitely go and buy an iPhone X cause make no mistake, though the price seems high, but by no means is it just another phone. In fact, if benchmark scores are anything to go by, the iPhone X has surpassed it’s competitors in terms of performance scores. And that maybe the deciding factor between buying one or not.

What will your decision be when given the choice to whether or not get an iPhone X? Would your decision be followed by dilemmas and deliberations? or would it be as straight forward as a line?.

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