The Marshmallow update from Google; all that you need to know


Android MarshmallowAmidst speculations regarding the name for new mobile android version, Google very recently came up with the actual event. The tech giant introduced its latest android version on mobile phones and has upgraded it to Android 6.0 unlike the news of it being called as Android 5.2. One has to admit that the new name for this upgrade was more a buzz than for its features. Keeping with the tradition, Google has named its newest mobile operating version as “MARSHMALLOW”. Now let’s find more about the features of the operating system and know how is it better than the previous ones?

Keeping the alphabetic tradition on, it was M for the current upgrade, Google announced it as Marshmallow


Features that attract in Marshmallow, Android 6.0 version-

GOOGLE on tap:

This is the most important upgrade that the company has made; people are sure to love this. The feature is ought to make Google search an all-pervasive unlike the current app-only type.

A user now will just be needed to select a part of the screen to know complete details. For example, by selecting a text or a term the new feature GOOGLE ON TAP will automatically pull out all primary information like meaning and other relevant details.

Chrome Custom tabs:

Presently, it is annoying when you click on a link and it takes you to a default browser or auto opens the link in a in-app browser. As a user you need to fill in your details and give permissions a number of times which is stressful.

However, with Marshmallon all of these will end as the Chrome Custom Tabs feature will keep the users within the application and provide them with an interrupted, smooth experience.

Enhanced Battery Life:

in order to improve the battery life and the usage, Google has come up with a brand new feature known as “Doze”. This feature works on the motion sensor technology in order to detect if the phone and the applications are in use or not. The basic aim of Doze is to bring the phone to a ‘near-off mode’ when it is idle for long. This feature is expected to be one of the highlight of Android 6.0 as while testing on same device, with same applications it gave a 2x outcome compared to Android 5.0.

Fingerprint gets introduced:

Google for the first time is making the fingerprint sensor native with this new upgrade. By this addition, the users will not have an added security layer but they can also easily get through the authentication process while using the Android Pay feature. The fingerprint sensor is expected to gain better reach and usability with Google introducing it now although other brands have been offering it from quite a while.

Android Pay:

Google has finally made it, the company has been planning a rival for Apple Pay and Samsung Pay since long and is now ready with its own version. This is a similar mobile paying system which will be NFC (Near Field Communication) based. The best thing about this feature would be that it will be introduced with Android 6.0 but also will be available to 4.4 and above users. Android Pay will enable users to store credit card and loyalty cards details and utilize them as required with the fingerprint or filling in the virtual card number that would be provided during the registration.

Faster data transfer and charging with USB Type C:

With the new version launch, Google is doing away with the MicroUSB which was a usual thing in Android phones. It has planned to introduce the new Type C USB which will make charger operations easier as it can be inserted either ways. This feature upgrades two elements in the device as it will allow faster and easier data transfer and speed up the charging duration by 3 to 5 times. Thus, bringing it close to Apple’s Lightning Adapter technology.

Direct Sharing:

Sharing data using Android phones has always been easy, yet Google plans to take the activity to a newer level. Although not much is known about this specific feature but facts indicate that sharing stuffs (content, images, videos) with frequent contacts will be just a click away as the upgraded software will list such contacts on the top for sharing.

Hence, a lot is coming up in Android 6.0 Marshmallow and it is sure to change the mobile technology practice in India by far.