The most DANGEROUS period for ALIBABA: Founder JACK MA


The most DANGEROUS period for ALIBABAEven after setting a record for the largest IPO(Initial Public Offering) the Chinese e-commerce giant ALIBABA’s head Jack Ma feels that this is the toughest time for the company. He has a valid explanation for this too as the business verticals across the universe weren’t ready to encourage or entertain the start up in its initial period.

According to Jack himself, not many of them were confident of the company making any sizable accumulation of capital even prior to two months of the IPO. This however was proved to be a myth to all as the entity ended up with a record accumulation in the history of e-commerce as well in any industry. By Jack’s viewpoint, people today have built a positive image about Alibaba and have acquired a mindset of it being able to prove further. “The business communities and others think that we are capable of doing anything as we have grown too good, too fast. This is the most dangerous moment for us.” said the 50 year old richest person in China.

Constant innovation is sighted as the major activity which needs to be carried on for a continued progressive period. According to the experts from the e-commerce industry in china, the company has an unlike approach and is thinking of direct selling approach (getting the money out of the consumer’s pocket). After the biggest IPO the company is also planning to venture into the digital entertainment and healthcare industries. There is more to come from the 10th largest company on the basis of market value as it is also planning to jump into the fresh food e-commerce industry in China.

The globalization of ALIBABA is a great thing according to Jack Ma as the company needs to work out ways in which others can sell their products to them. This can gain a massive market share for the company as the growing Chinese middle-class population is a sure reason for the rising demands for foreign products.

The company also hopes for some changes in the traditional methods of trades which is possible by the alterations of selected government policies. This will be a help in opening up the Chinese online market as the industry is largely on the sympathy of international traders.

The presence of Internet has enables the direct contact with the end user and this is the cashing point for ALIBABA that needs to be exploited further according to the founder.

Whatever may be in store one thing is for sure that the Chinese e-commerce sector will remain in talks in the upcoming months.