The “MUST KNOW” about Apple Watch Revealed


The Watches are expected to go for sales from 24th April, 2015

The-must-know-about-Apple-Watch-RevealedAmidst loads of chats and speculations finally the cat is out of the bag. Apple yesterday announced particulars about its much talked about product-The Apple Watch. Of course the atmosphere at the media event in San Francisco was filled with zeal and an eagerness to know all about the modern day watch.

The spokesperson revealed the exact measurements of the device and took the listeners through the price ranges for the same. The base range is decided to be $349 in the USA whereas the same will be £299 in the UK. The costliest range will scale up to $17,000 and £13,500 in the US and UK respectively. The exact price tag of a model will depend on the material it is made of, such as the metal included or the strap ordered for.

At present Apple’s website includes a total of 38 different models with varied styling patterns which are spread out according to their costing. There was an assumption about the company to fix a massive gap of pricing between the basic sport branded version and other models. However, after glance at the actual pricing menu this seems to have been turned wrong.


The wearable luxury, Apple Watch can last for 18 hours- CEO Tim Cook.


  • For the sake of demonstration there were a few functionalities of the watch which were run like checking the name of a song using the App Shazam.
  • Remotely unlocking an Internet connected garage door and
  • Using the watch to unlock a compatible hotel room lock, here the Apple watch acts as an alternative to the actual key card.

Countries which will experience the first sales of Apple Watch:

  • A list of developed countries such as USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada and Australia will be the first set of countries where the watch will go for sales in the initial stage. China being the largest technology consuming market of the globe will be the first Asian region where the watch will be sold.
  • Marketing experts have put together a small record comparing the Wristbands and Smart watches wearables covering their shipment capacities in recent years and projections by the end of 2015. Around 2.9 million wristbands were shipped in 2013 which increased to 18 million by the end of 2014. In case of smart watches; the numbers were 1.8 million for the year 2013 and 3.3 million in 2014.
  • Projections for 2015 stand at 27 million for smart watches and 36 million for wristbands, however tech enthuses expect this number for smart watches to go beyond. It’s a wait and WATCH game to say the least.