Things you should know about Travel Insurance (before bag packing)


Travel-InsuranceThe summers are here and its holiday time, most of us are searching for unexplored locations and planning for trips away from the hassle of the routine life. There are several things that we take care of while planning a holiday, cost being the primary issue. Different minded people choose different locations and activities they like to get indulged while on tour. Some of us like the mountains, some are mad about the sea-shores while few like to visit the most crowded regions with the most recent technologies and a mind-boggling shopping experience. Yet there is one thing that almost 9 out of every 10 vacationer forgets or ignores; it’s taking up a Travel Insurance before the start of the trip.

What and why is Travel Insurance important?

The general opinion about getting insurance is negative but it is not that way in reality.  Travel insurance is not all about covering health issues; it is much more than that, it covers up all the likely stoppages that are possible during the holiday period. Anything right from a cancelled flight, broken or lost camera to an unplanned return is covered with a travel insurance policy opted for.

Buying travel insurance from a company that meets the insurance industry regulations is primly important.


Stiff competition can create confusion:

There are a lot of companies dealing in the insurance industry which provide travel insurance several plans at various costs according to the vacation journey planned by the travelers. Under such a scenario; it is very easy that the traveler gets bucked off with the formalities and neglects the entire process.

Things mentioned under an ideal travel insurance policy:

  • The travel insurance policy must cover most countries around the globe.
  • It should cover all kinds of injuries and sudden infirmities.
  • 24 hours service that gets the requirement fulfilled (nobody can afford to wait in case of emergencies)
  • Avail full or partial coverage for your electronics, accessories like jewelry, camera, documents and baggage during the trip.
  • The travel policy must include personal accident coverage for the ones who are traveling.
  • It must provide a financial coverage in case of bankruptcy of any company whose services you may use during the course of the trip.
  • Cancellation covers of flight and hotel bookings or any other transport bookings in case of discontinuation of the trip due to sickness, injury or any other reasons. This cancellation cover also includes any mishap in the country visited; example: natural calamities, riots or strikes.

Hence, above mentioned are few important that a good travel insurance policy must cover while you will have a leisure holidaying time. Travel insurance is a necessity which costs minimal on an everyday basis but it is extremely important to have one. In short, it is a precaution that should be taken with an intention of never using it.