Top 5 Alexa Certified Changes that will update your website


website-traffic‘Google search engine page number 2 is the best place to hide a corpse’ this may sound hilarious but ask a search engine optimizer and he or she will tell you how it really feels to be on the second page of the search result list. Plainly, it is as if all the hardships is thrown out of the window; there’s no return for any hard work that a SEO analyst puts in. A good traffic driving website will have changes-regular changes. You as a SEO technique expert might know all the tips and tricks of working on a website and getting it ranking, yet things don’t fall right that easy.

Google on its part is coming out with updated algorithms on a daily basis and is making life tougher for the search engine guys; they need to follow all of these alterations and work upon accordingly to stay on in the rat-race.

Website audit sessions are of essential help at such times as they enable the SEO department to know what the visitor actually is looking for and how can it be delivered. Remember, the competition is tough and one parties gain is ought to become another’s loss; you better aim for the positive side.

Let’s know glance through some important adjustments recommended by ALEXA which will do some good for your website on the search result pages.

There are several “small” things that need to be performed correctly and requires regular attention. Most of these are technical aspects but they are utterly simple to perform and help the search engines to understand the content of your website is a better manner and thus present it at an appropriate position on the search result page.

Title Tag-

The blue highlighted extension on the search bar (browser tab) is known as the title tag. This is the most important feature for social sharing and SEO ranking. It is good to keep the title tag at 65 characters or less; doing this it is proved that they will appear correctly and completely on the browser tab. 95% of such title tags are tested to be successful and the pages thus has a better search result positioning.

Meta Description-

Meta Description comes just below the title tag. It is a kind of short description about the page content; it is also addressed as the first introduction to a visitor. Hence, it is extremely essential that the descriptions are crisp and indulging. However, both these factors need to houses at 155 characters or less which is a challenge for the writer. Meta description is actually the content that pulls in the visitor to click on the web page link and go beyond the search result page.

H1 Tag-

H1 tag is a source which indicates what the page is about to the crawlers. There is only ONE H1 TAG per page hence keep in mind and build a solid header which proves to be answering the search of the visitor. In order to create a successful H1 tag, it is essential to think like an online searcher-think what would the visitor search on the search engines and try putting the apt answer that includes the trending keywords. Rightly placing the keywords in the H1 tag helps in attracting more clicks and thus gaining traffic.

Website Performance is an essential feature as according to a study people expect a website to load in 2 sec or less


Alt Tag-

Using images is a great boon for content writers as it supports the write-up better. However, what if there is a problem in displaying these images? There are blank black or white spaces which seem like spoilers on the page. ALT TAG is the solution, they are descriptions about the images and appear when there are problems in displaying the images. This enables the visitor to at least have an idea about the non-displayed picture and relate it to the content. Alt tags help search engines to place the search results in the most relevant manner even if the images aren’t working.

Duplicate Content-

This surely is the biggest problem the online marketers and SEO teams around the globe are facing. In case of ignorance or mis-handling the search engines can damage the SEO efforts and push the website down on the search result list. Keeping multiple copies of the same content online can hurt the page authority of the web page. Google for its part keeps filtering pages on the basis of relevance; so it is possible that the wrong version of the page is displayed in the search result list, this in turn can badly affect the intended website traffic.

To end it in a simple understandable note, no matter how good you may be in SEO techniques; the world wide web and the methods it is being used will always will changing. Therefore, there is a need to observe these changes and alter the website on the same lines in order to continuously gravitate traffic.