Understanding Global Business through Market Research


Understanding Global Business through Market Research Commencing with a business today is much easier than what it used to be. Starting with a job work, getting it through the market and popularizing it and then expanding the same; all these consumed a lifetime few decades ago but today it is a matter of few initial years. Although technology has changed most of the things in business; few aspects haven’t and one of them is a proper “market research” required as per the nature of the business.

Going global with a business is no more a luxurious progress in fact it is now a mandatory thing must for survival. Hence, let us now see the essential features that one needs to pay attention while collecting information about the international platform in order to expand.

The following are things needed while researching business information on the international dais. These are extremely important in case of both big establishments and the modern day startups.

Methodology used for data collection-

Basically there are valuable research reports available for collecting business details for international expansions. However, in few cases it may happen that one may not be able to access relevant business information that s/he is looking out for. At such junctures, the person should opt for local research bodies of the targeted market and dig in deep into their culture and practices in order to gain knowledge about the specific market. This would require special time consumption and efforts from the doer’s end.

Comparing collected data-

It isn’t always possible (required too) to compare all the behavioral and traditional data one collects. However, knowing the business practices and understanding the emotions of the localities is immensely important in order to understand the data collected.

Research on information regarding distribution of products in international markets is turning too essential


Corresponding and acting on the data collected-

Gathering information about the market is a different thing than using the same. One can get unlimited quantity of knowhow about the new market but doing business in the market is a separate thing. Just understanding the new market is no qualification for doing in it.

Few sub-points mentioned below will help in performing better.

  • Know what the market is about and what are the established players doing?
  • Buyer’s Behavior in the local market (which is an international market to you)
  • Research on the rules and regulations for doing business on the international land, need to know several things regarding manufacturing, export-import and distribution of the product.
  • Marketing the product or service in the method it is allowed on the land. It is important to follow the promotion and marketing guidelines of the international market and work within them.
  • Pricing strategy, this is the last but the most important feature to be decided with utmost care. There’s no point in throwing an inferior quality product in a superlative market where people buy top quality products. The case won’t stand even in a vice-versa condition. Hence, knowing the taste and preference of the buyers in the international market is essential for quoting the right price.