US Rehab Industry: Bringing Normalcy to Lives


2.5 million People received treatment in the year 2014

US Rehab IndustryDrug addiction along with other forms of addictions (nicotine, gambling, Internet and others) has being a big concern for all the countries around the globe. Especially these habits prove to be the biggest hurdles for the developed countries as they start deteriorating and begin going backwards. Similarly, the problem is US has been haunting the economy since long years. It is obvious that the rehab (curing) centers or also known as de-addiction centers also would mushroom in numbers and thus they have a massive business today. Globally the revenue coming from the rehabs is even bigger but if US is taken as a focus the numbers are quite shocking when related it to the vast, progressive economy and the super power as it is known to be globally.

The US Rehab Industry-NUMBERS:

By the end of 2014, there were around 14,000 rehab centers and the count is still expected to grow as the demand is increasing beyond supplies. The business is exceeding a turnover of $35 billion for the year wherein 2.5 million people have undergone treatment for several addictions. Alcohol and drugs top the list along with Internet and sex is closely follow accompanied with gambling.

Future predictions for the industry seems to be interesting as the need for such centers is expected to grow , all thanks to the rising numbers of addicts mainly amongst youngsters. According to market research all the rehabs are running to their maximum capacities and thus it is normal their rates are above nominal.

Rehabs Facilities:

Rehabs in the US are built keeping mind their purpose; for example dedicated centers for alcohol addicted are treated with well-researched curing patterns. Same is the case of strugglers from drugs. However, their charges are something which is immoderate that is hard to afford for the middle class addict patients.

Charges for the rehab:

Even a single intervention with a drug or an alcohol rehab specialist costs a few hundred dollars. However, there are sources which provide the treatment for free and the cost might go up to $2,000 per day. It is often spoken to be a game of the riches as most of the normal addicts cannot afford the treatment on a regular basis. This is where the infamous celebrities turn in to action as many of names get-in and out of these rehabs. The likes of Lindsay’s and Britney’s have records of spending $100,000 per month for their personalized rehab sections with a beach-view room, personalized treating staffs and other luxurious recreational activities.

The Industry Growth:

The rehab industry in the US has slated a 55% growth in business since 2005. The sector is accounted to be valued at $35 billion for 2014. Though it is a stressful job to witness hundreds of addicts struggling to shed the ill habit, it is a good deed to encourage them to come out of the mess and start afresh, all this in the end makes up for a industry worth billions.