US Tattoo Making and Removal Industry: Market Analysis


US Tattoo Making and Removal IndustryUSA is among the top countries where the tattoo industry continues to boom. The tattooing industry has grown globally yet it has earned maximum rise in the US and regions around. The work is not just limited to the interest of the artist or the range of his or her creativity; it is more of a profession and most of the body art artists today operate under the license after undergoing a prescribed training period.

The industry in USA is projected to be worth around $722 million with a CAGR of more than 9% from 2010-15. according to a research finding, there are more than 54,000 tattoo artists who are earning in US.

The nation by 2015 end is expected to consist of 20,000+ tattoo parlors and studios.Hence, this is an indicator enough for the healthy condition of the segment. The business is growing so much so that it is considered to be as a part of personal care instead of the accessory status that it enjoy previously.

Here are few facts about the Tattooing industry in the US that will enable a better understanding about the growth.

Tattoo industry in American alone is estimated to be worth $3 billion, body piercing is a massive contributor to this sum as it is at par in demand (if not more) with the body artwork segment.

21% of the total American population has a tattoo today, this proportion is 5 times more than what it was in 2003.

Many a times, people tend to change their minds about keeping the tattoo on for several reasons-this has been a boon to the industry as it has thrown open a “tattoo removal” segment, done by the tattoo artists themselves.

The removal process involves laser technology which rises the demand for laser equipment. This is working in favor of companies manufacturing these machines.

Going deeper into the study it is found that women win over men on getting inked as 23% of women in the US have a tattoo. There are 19% of men who have experienced the needle at least once.

50% of the people getting tattooed feel that it is an indicator of their rebellious self.

The average cost of getting a tattoo is between $80-$100

The per hour cost in New York runs up to $150-$400

The average expense for the removal process is around $200 per artwork. A removal process requires around 10-15 sessions.

There was a 32% rise in tattoo removal sessions in 2014 alone.

Southeast America is an essential corner for the tattoo industry as it holds 29.8% of the establishments


What about the artists?

The entry-level tattoo makers need to work professional established ones at least for 2-3 years before they do a business of their own. Few professional artists make $100,000 per year, according to North Carolina College Foundation. However these are top quality pros who have number of years experience.

Incomes for tattoo makers is segregated according to states and districts they operate from-the highest annual earners belonged to the district of Columbia that grossed to $50,000 for the year 2013.

The money is big in regions of New York and Carolina that sums up around $36,000-37,000 per annual. Florida is tagged as the medium income region as it posted a figure of $29,000 annually.

The states of Kentucky, Oklahoma and South Dakota are the mid to low earning areas in USA. These states posted incomes of $27,000 $26,000 and $25,000 for the year.