Warehousing in INDIA grows by 60% in last 6 months


warehouse in IndiaThe program “MAKE IN INDIA” seems to be a super success as more international manufacturing giants are pouring in with purpose in the otherwise agri land. In the last 15 months, the new government is largely sending out invites to the world; calling them in for fresh business deals. This planned step is undoubtedly formulated in order to boost up domestic manufacturing scores and the economy on an whole. With effects to the action there seems to be an early reaction as the real estate values under the industrial and logistics segment of the country has indicated a growth of whopping 60% in just last 6 months.

According to the H1 reports for the current year (2015) there is a growth of upto 60% in certain regions in India; moreover all locations have registered an increase which sends the positive signals of the future.

Number wise, the Indian industrial and logistics sector has witnessed a growth in its occupiers; about 6 million square feet undertaken for warehousing purpose. This is clearly a rise of 60% from the numbers recorded last year.

In coming of major international brands and their manufacturing units is seen as an encouraging factor as these companies are bringing with them latest technologies in the field of manufacturing and logistics. This will also improve the employment numbers in the industry and manufacturing sector in the coming years.

According to sources, players from the global food sector have expressed immense interest in expanding their businesses in India. They sight the country to be the largest in Asia with a tremendous speed for growth.

As per the information Mumbai with a growth of 31% is doing well in the logistics and warehousing spaces. It is followed by Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) which is marked as the fastest growing area with a 27% growth. Bangalore sits at third with a fare growth of 18%. Regions around the rest of India have a standardized growth rate today but are expected to boom in the future.

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The above listed three regions accumulated a total area of around 4.5 million square feet, which is recorded to be a 103% better than it was in the same period last year. Fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), 3PLs- third party logistics and E-commerce are rated to be the top elements for the developed outcomes.

Although main locations like Mumbai and Delhi NCR will be the center points of retail distribution business, regions like Chennai and Pune will grow in with their indulgence which is assumed to be far better in the next 5-10 years.

E-commerce industry, its growth and expansion along with GST (Goods and Services Tax) are pointed to be primary decision making aspects in the Indian logistics and warehousing sector in the next decade.