Weapon Market – Growing at a Speed of Bullet



With the eve of the human civilization, conflict has also been a part of the human race. Great wars and battles have been fought throughout the historical times and even in the present period. In combats, weapons were the tools which determined the phase and outcome of it. Be it to defend, destroy or kill, weapons made the final call. Historic confrontations were mainly fought with weapons like swords, shields, bow and arrow. But as time passed by guns took the place of the ancient weaponry. A tubular device made to discharge or fire projectiles, bullets and artillery shells. These bullets are propelled either by use of compressed gas confined by the barrel or hammer cocks which fires the ammunition out of the cylinder barrel. It is one of the most lethal weapons designed to kill.

Guns come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Revolvers, pistols, shotguns, rifles and machine guns are the various types of guns available. They are kept and used either for attacking, hunting or self-defense purpose. They are either semi-automatic or automatic. They come with six bullets chamber in revolver to multi-cartridge detachable magazine in pistols and machine guns to relay of bullets. They can shoot single round at a time to hundred rounds in a minute. They come in different bore and caliber. Where revolvers and pistols are often used in close combat, rifles and machine guns are utilized for shooting distant targets. Latest weaponry comes with laser pointers, thermal imaging and night vision telescope to hit the target with deadly accuracy. Some of the sniper rifles can shoot a target nearly a kilometer away. They are chiefly used in urban and guerilla warfare. Machine guns are the hot favorite for the armed forces around the world. They can spit several rounds of bullets within a span of a minute, killing multiple targets in single go. All these weapons are primarily used in the military but are also available largely for the civil population as well. The weapons and ammunition market is filled with variety of these lethal hardware. Smith & Wesson, Taurus International, Beretta, Bushmaster Firearms Inc, SIG Arms are some of the gun manufacturing companies. Although the authorized sellers and manufactures are present in this industry, there are several illegal arms dealers present in this sector. This is a major issue for this sphere of market since the weapons from here falls in the hand of terrorists, mafias and other miscreants. The dealings are in millions of dollar and are largely unaccounted. Because of this not only there is discrepancy in the revenue but also a threat for the human society. As lawfully license is required for the keeping guns but the unauthorized entities are the main problem in keeping a track.

The change in the nature and situations in the warfare has given rise to technologically advanced and more sophisticated weapons. The global weapon market is valued at $3621 million in 2013 and is anticipated to file a growth of CAGR of 8.06% to reach $5335 million in next five years. The market is extremely competitive with number of manufactures contending for contracts and the economic deficit in most western countries is expected to increase competition.