WEDDING PLANNERS: A Service For Matches Made In Heaven


Wedding is the most auspicious and once in a lifetime moment in any person’s life. It is an institution and an occasion where a man and a woman tie knot with each other and become soul mates for the rest of their life. Be it arranged or love, marriage is the most blissful thing that happens in a couple’s life. Marriages in India are a huge affair. People spend a fortune to make that day a very special and a memorable one. It is not only an exclusive day for the couples but also an opportunity for the families to show off their pride in a grand way. But planning marriage and making arrangements for it sometimes become a major problem for both the groom’s and the bride’s family. From fixing a location to finding a good caterer, from making arrangements for welcoming the guest till transportation, a bunch full of work to complete within a tight deadline schedule. All the above tasks sometimes become quite a trouble for both the parties and preparations for marriage rather turns into a subject of worry and anxiety rather than enjoyment and delight. This is where the wedding planners step in to prevent the trouble in paradise.

They take on the entire task of your wedding from day one till it the time the ceremony is completed in a successful way. It is like handling your lifetime dream in a professional way. They take care of every arrangements ranging from choosing the venue, preparing setup and decorations for marriage, conveyance, catering service, lodging and boarding of the guests, and every other details required to execute a perfect wedding. They also take charge of grooming and dressing part, of the bride and bridegroom with their beauticians and the chain of salons associated with them. They also help in selecting the wedding dress and accessory of both bride and her groom and the other family member of both the parties as well. As Theme wedding has become a fast growing trend, wedding planning companies are rendering various themes to its customers like Royal wedding, Tropical wedding, Bollywood style wedding etc. which includes special artistic setups, lights and pyrotechnics for the entire venue and dressing and presenting the support staff in that fashion. Food is also a main criterion that is served in the marriage. Large cuisines are set up to satisfy the flavor of the incoming visitors. Entertainment industry has close associations with the wedding planners as many high profile marriage events have entertainment programs for their guests as film stars and many other celebrities come and perform at their weddings.

The buck just doesn’t stop here as they on many occasions schedule your post marriage events too. They also have tie-ups with hotel industry and travel service providers. They take care of your honeymoon plans, availing you with a variety of packages and destinations to choose from. According to a market research, wedding planning is becoming a huge industry as numbers of people, from all sections of the society are taking their service. With the growing economy, people have a lot of disposable income and the expenses no longer worry them. They not only ensure that your marriage takes place smoothly but also make it one of the happiest and most memorable celebration of your life.