What is ALEXA and How can your webpage get a better ranking?



Alexa-RankAlexa is a subsidiary company of Amazon.com that was started in 1996 and later was acquired by Amazon in the year 1999. It helps in ranking the position of a website on the search engine result page (SERP) on the basis of activities on the site for a span of 90 days. Alexa has a metric ranking system-”Alexa Ranking” through which it segregates the kind of website and its popularity around the world Internet surfers.

It makes use of various search toolbars for calculate the generated web traffic per website; it was finds help from the web browser extension that the website is using. It was a major base for information generation for the development of Wayback Machine, which is source through which one can view the past webpage of any domain from around the globe.

What does the Alexa Ranking mean?

Alexa rates a website which is receiving a stipulated amount of traffic and above. In fact, there is a disbelief between the ranking of a site and the traffic it is handling as both tend to mismatch. Alexa itself has a kind of disclaimer on its webpage that says that traffic rankings of 1,00,000 and above must be considered as ‘very rough’ estimates. However, the rankings turn to be growing accurate as the rankings get closer to the #1 website.

As per the experts in website rankings, anything on 1,00,000 and beyond should not be considered as serious and can be ignored.

How are websites measured under Alexa?

Alexa measures a website’s ranking after working upon the combination of average page views for the last 3 months and the estimate of average daily ‘unique’ visitors to the website. Hence, the webpage with the highest combo outcome is ranked as #1 on the rating table.

Alexa acquires data from different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, an algorithm is used to collect all the browser data and then standardize the same on the basis of gender, age, locations and industries (subjects) searched for by searchers. It uses the most advanced analysis methodologies that suit the digital forums around the globe which is most essential.

How can one view a website’s Alexa Ranking?

This is an utter simple process , you can go to www.alexa.com and type in the website URL for which you require the ranking on the search bar and get the rankings based on global and country levels. The page offers many more important stats such as the bounce rate, daily time on site,daily pageviews per visitor and much more. The page also addresses traffic based on location and sources (the previous websites) from where the traffic flows into the searched website.

Example: If you go to Alexa’s official page (mentioned above) and search for www.bharatbook.com you are ought to land on this page with these details.

Why do people believe less on Alexa Ranking?

With the digitalization spreading to almost every corner of the globe, people working on Internet are discovering newer ways to rate their work. Websites are no exceptions as workers from the search engine optimization (SEO) department are constantly researching on several online platforms. It often happens that the ranking estimated by Alexa does not match with those of calculated by other platforms; hence the issue of reliability comes in.

Moreover, Alexa itself accepts the fact that it produces numbers after considering a subset (sample) number of users from around the world; which can very well be wrong at times. Alexa faces this problem due to the limits it has in data collection and the span of information collected which just goes back to 3 months, which is too short.

Searches on various business categories does effect the website ranking on Alexa


How can one improve on Alexa Rankings?

Get listed on Alexa first– You may have just started with a new blog or a business website it will take some time to get listed on the ranking list (which is normal). So, don’t stress and try unusual things to get in early there. The rating will come and it will start decreasing as your website receives traffic through visitors and backlinks.

Get images on your webpage ALT tagged- Pictures are invisible to the search engines, hence get them to talk so as to let the search bars recognize them. In case of posting an image, fill in content in areas like Title, Alternate Text, Caption and Description; using keywords in these will polish and boost up the result on the SERPs.

Ask feedback’s from visitors- This is the most head-on way to get the ratings. Ask the visitors to rate your page and write-up their experiences while their stay on the website. This will enable you to rectify issues (if any) and improve the website quality. Therefore, your spot on the Alexa ranking list nears automatically.