World Bricks Industry to Construct a $182.6 BN Market by 2015


Impressive Product Innovations and use of Sustainable Construction Technologies helping brick industry grow

BricksBrick is a single unit block of treated clay with a mixture of sand and lime which is fire hardened or air dried. This process of making bricks is also known as masonry construction. Production of bricks goes ranges to different types regarding their sizes, colors and materials. The regions and time frames where and when they are produced also creates a big impact along with the volumes (quantities) in which they are manufactured. Out of the two methods-the air-dried and fire hardened; the second process of fire hardening is vastly utilized to prepare the block worldwide and this process is also famous as bonds, collectively known as brickwork.

The global brick market is growing at a rate faster than what is estimated. With the hype in construction works and other building maintenance activities the demands for good quality bricks are soaring. Their annual quantity demand is constantly healthy irrespective of the fact that many alternatives available today. Dried and non-dried bricks are two most commonly used brick categories; the dried bricks are believed to be in use since 500 BC and are also termed as artificial stones being the longest lasting and strongest quality bricks.

Non-dried brick types which is the air dried includes an additional material in their making which is the straw which is trusted to be an excellent mechanical binder. Even though the material is speedily replaced by other replacements such as concrete stones or blocks, it is the first choice for home builders, architects and other professionals working in the construction industry. Growing economies, increasing disposable incomes and rise in real estate investment have been the main factors responsible for the developments in the brick making industry.

As per global market research, Arab and Asia Pacific regions have been growing markets with demands for bricks are reaching new heights. The developments in the construction and real estate sectors have boomed the industry in these areas particularly. The global markets for bricks are estimated to touch a whopping worth of $182.6 by the end of 2015. In the year 2009, 76% of the total industry demands were controlled by Asian countries along with the Gulf regions. China and India are the largest markets as per market research study.

The future of brick manufacturing industry is projected to be profitable as new construction projects are fast coming up in various countries around the globe. Various innovations happening in the construction industry, emphasis given to green construction methods and usage of eco-friendly building materials are ought to develop the brick industry further. Product innovation has played a vital role of brick’s withstanding feature as there are bricks of different materials other than traditional clay ingredient, innovative imprints (designed), sizes and shapes available in the market.

Though the ancient building materials are facing a stiff competition from their replacements like blocks and concrete; it is still used widely and placed as the primary material in the construction world.

Arriscraft International Inc, Acme Brick Company Inc, BrickWorks Limited, Boral Bricks Ltd and Redland Bricks Inc are few amongst the leading brick manufacturing companies which make premium class bricks and their variants which can be put to use as per the nature and type of construction.