World’s 1st Anti-Suicide App to be launched by next year


suicideThe application is mainly targeting the home-grown youths 

The recent sad news of artist Robin William-the great funny guy committing suicide and ending his life in the most unexpected manner came as a spine shocker for many. The world of arts all over is numb due to the extremely shocking update. The fact that such a happy go lucky “famous” character ends up committing suicide at a mature age of 63 years has forced every one of us think over about a lot of things. Reports suggest that the cause for the extreme step seems to be some kind of a psychological aliment from which the actor was suffering. Whatever may be the reason; such an action is completely unjustified. Suicide attempts and deaths due to them are growing in numbers constantly; this has also been addressed time and again by global health associations mainly World Health Organization (WHO) and others as the most irking issues that needs absolute attention and break.

This plague of suicidal maniac is widely spreading to all nations, both developed and developing. For example: In Australia; the count is alarming and there is a comparative tally between indigenous and non-indigenous youths. The study indicates that the home grown youths are the seriously affected ones of the two and their expiry rate is higher by almost 6 times than the non-indigenous youngsters. However, the nation with its own continent has invested efforts and come out with a potential remedy for the long affecting malady in the form of an app. This can prove as a boon not only for Aussies but for all sufferers around. This application is an anti-suicide or suicide preventing application.

The App named as “Ibobbly” which is a term for greeting in the local lingo is designed on rendering racially relevant care. The application includes programs based on psychological therapies which help in declining the occurrences of self-killing thoughts. Sources from the development team of the app explain that it acts as a distractor by providing indigenous stories, images and metaphors which refreshes the moods of affected youths (or anyone for that matter) and encourages them to indulge with things which are likable and entertaining.

One of the vibrant screens of the app reads a message which say, “human mind is a great story-teller, but what it tells may not be right always” this message and similar confidence building messages keep ticking on the ticker assisting the person to get over the depressing mood with a new innovative and stimulating thought instead of ending it all in a haste. Therefore, this app will be the world’s first application that utilizes evidence based suicide prevention methods. Moreover, this app needs no Internet connection as it is functional offline once it gets successfully downloaded.

Professor Helen Christensen director of the Black Dog Institute and also
the co-founder of this application inputs that major demerits of helplessness and isolation is no more in existence now as the usage of smartphones, tablets and other devices have crept up in numbers. There is a possibility of “self-help” with- Ibobbly. The present young age people extensively use tech devices like smartphones, tablets and iPads, thus making the application available through these devices is the best way of introducing it. In this manner, youngsters can approach the app as a solution in a fearless and effortless method.

Further the usage of this app is programmed with password protection thus making it completely confidential in case of sharing within communities.

The App is completely developed and is in its pilot stage in the Kimberley region of Australia, researchers involved into the testing target to release the app to the entire nation before releasing it globally any time next year. This surely raises a ray of hope in the path of stopping or at least reducing the hammering number of suicidal deaths that are taking place worldwide.