Worldwide Carbon Fiber Market to Reach $2.3 Billion in 2015


The carbon fiber is a new reproduce of high strength material. In latest years, carbon fibers as well as materials have found wide applications in a commercial airplane, along with leisurely (about 50% transmission in golf and fishing post as units) and commercial (low transmission with great growth) markets, as the cost of carbon fiber has stable and technology has grown up. The market for carbon fiber as well as fiber has experienced a good development nowadays except year of 2009 due to the economic downturn in various world and economic disorder. The rate of development for the last 23 years was about 10 percent.

Significant changes have taken place in fiber as well as carbon fiber industry in last 4-5 decades. There was lack of carbon fiber during the year of 2005-2006, however the industry situation speedily changed due to international economic recession. From the viewpoint of fiber and carbon fiber providers, demand has lowered clearly in the first 75 percent of 2009 as the international economy has complicated. At the same time, provide has increased to the degree some producers now have adequate proved of carbon fiber as well as fiber with relatively low lead times to customers. According to Lucintel, international fiber business as well as fiber industry is approximated to reach $2.3 billion dollars in 2015. Lucintel has determined the best and worst performing markets during 2009. For the next five years, the worldwide carbon fiber business is expected to develop 13 percent per year, however, individual results vary greatly from low single number development to high double number development per season.