Automotive Industry Answers with Gesture Recognition Tools

Automotive | Adolf | Nov 12,2020 158

I love cars and the news of the grand car expo in town excited me to no end. Besides vintage models on display, vehicles of the future were the main highlight of the show. As we had heard and seen few brands manufacturing e-vehicles to reduce the carbon print on mother earth, there are others who are working with a more futuristic concept - the AI technology. Read more

Hotel and Other Accommodation Fights the Pandemic Challenge

Hotels | Adolf | Oct 31,2020 71

For a mini relaxing vacation, my sister and I decided to visit Goa this year. To make the most of our first girly trip, we booked a comfortable hotel which was located close to most of the tourist attractions. As we had sourced local help from one of my friend’s family residing in the vicinity, commuting would not be a problem for us. So with all the arrangements done...Read more

Artificial Intelligence Optimizes Drug Discovery to the Next Leve...

Pharmaceutical | Adolf | Oct 19,2020 72

AI is literally everywhere. Right from our work spaces, places of commute, to our very own homes. Technological advances are rushing along at a swift pace, making the involvement of machines in the fields of construction, finance, agriculture and farming, medicine and drug discovery etc. We are at the cusp of new age – Automation. It is the new flavour of the market, r...Read more

Is Mobile Gaming Becoming the Future of Leisure Time?

Information Technology | Adolf | Sep 29,2020 78

I am sure many of you must have read the true definition of a mobile or a smartphone. It is a device that is used as a camera, a text messenger, notepad, calculator, mp3 player, computer, voice recorder, GPS tracker and virtual map, a hand-held screen for television shows and movie buffs, a gaming device etc., well the list will keep going on with any other technology the mo...Read more

Vertical Farming – The Promising Farm of the Future

Agriculture | Adolf | Sep 23,2020 101

A not-so-helpful list of things and confused minds were the only 2 things left, when the family gathered to discuss about a perfect birthday gift for Uncle Robbie. The gift had to be special, as he was retiring from work as well. The planned surprise party with family only and the cake was all decided. Finally his daughter suggested something unique – “how about...Read more

How Medical Devices Have Helped Intensify Healthcare

Healthcare Services | Adolf | Aug 28,2020 128

When my grandmother was hospitalized for a breathing issue, I assumed there must be some normal tests done which will help diagnose the illness. But I was wrong. The tests were done through an advance medical device – a CT scan machine, bringing forth all the minute details required for an intensive treatment. It was impressive to note that without taking a lot of time...Read more

E-commerce, a Game Changer for the Fashion Industry

Automotive | Adolf | Aug 19,2020 55

Fashion Street! Yes that was the one stop shopping place and the answer for all our fashion woes during college. With the savings from our pocket money, we used to rush after classes to check the latest collection of the season at our favourite stalls. Of course we could not spend long hours in one place, as at times the shopkeepers were in no mood to bargain for their goods...Read more

A Cautious Hope against COVID-19 - Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroq...

Healthcare Services | Adolf | Jul 25,2020 61

With each passing day the increasing number of people getting infected due to the virus, has led to call for a critical demand of effective, available, and affordable drugs to end the pandemic. Thousands of medical research teams and scientists around the world are looking for medicines that would actually work and cure the patients. Although there has been no specific anti-...Read more

As COVID-19 Looms, Gold Becomes a Financial Savior

E-Financial | Adolf | Jun 27,2020 46

When I was small, I always used to see my mom keep some money aside in a small wooden box, hidden under a stack of her freshly washed clothes in the cupboard. Whatever amount she earned through her small home business; she saved some of it but also made sure my dad did not know about it. One day out of curiosity I asked her what she does with that money, as I never saw her u...Read more

Why Customer Analytics Matters for a Business?

Automotive | Adolf | Jun 23,2020 67

After buying my favorite kohl pencil at the local beauty store, the brand’s sales representative brought out a fat book and asked me politely to fill up a feedback page. Honestly I was in no mood, but she requested in the sweetest way possible that it will only a minute or two. As I filled up the page, I inquired about the feedback required for one product bought &ndas...Read more