The Home Improvement Market- A Booming Sector

House Supplies | Adolf | Jun 19,2013 226

Someone has rightly said “Home is where the heart is”. The comfort of home is longed by everyone. People take so much of effort, time and money to build their dream house. You just don’t build a home, you build lives, story and memories in it. Read more

Tobacco Industry to Boost a CAGR of 10% by the End of year 2013

Tobacco | Adolf | Jun 18,2013 93

The tobacco industry includes companies and people who are engaged in the preparation, expansion of sales, advertisement and distribution of tobacco or products related to it. Indian tobacco industry showed immense growth rate but its forecast is supposed to tumble down because of the restraint put on it by the Government of India, considering the hazardous health effects of...Read more

Ever Growing Food Packaging Market

Packaged & Processed | Adolf | Jun 17,2013 197

During the 90’s, the trend of packaged food was limited to few beverages and food items, people preferred to have them on occasions. But the ever changing lifestyle of people has increased the consumption of packaged food. The constant race against time has made people to ignore their eating habits. The traditional method of cooked food is slowly being changed to packa...Read more

Renewable Energy to Contribute 20% to the Energy Supply Needs

Renewable Energy | Adolf | Jun 15,2013 88

Renewable energy has appeared as a large sector in the global energy combination because huge investments has occurred on a worldwide scale. Renewable energy is the form of energy which is constantly replenished by the environment like solar, wind, tide, geothermal, nuclear, bio fuel etc., and it is present in abundance without the fear of it getting extinct. The maj...Read more

Online Shopping - Jump the Queue

Ecommerce | Adolf | Jun 14,2013 97

Imagine a classic situation; you braved the traffic for twenty minutes, next you waited in the midst of honking and checking to park your car, you very elatedly entered your favorite retail store to shop and after all the hustle and bustle you got to wait to pay your bill. Every shopper shared the same story before online shopping was introduced. Online shopping is a shopper...Read more

Wood and Wood Products Market will Raise 3.1 % GDP by 2015

Wood | Adolf | Jun 13,2013 651

Wood, a special gift from God to the mankind has proved to be one of the best used materials form ancient to the modern times. Wood is the hard part of a tree which can be used for different purposes mainly as a fuel, construction material for building houses, making furniture, paper, plywood, weapons, utensils like wooden spoons, chopstick, toothpick etc. It is also used as...Read more

Medical Tourism in Demand

Healthcare Services | Adolf | Jun 12,2013 159

How many of us are comfortable with the idea of visiting a new place with an itinerary of a surgery in the middle of your vacation. Maybe many won’t fancy it. But if market research is to be believed worldwide the medical tourism is growing at the rate of 25-30% year after year. Read more

A Glimpse at Chocolate Industry – 2013 to 2018

Snacks & Confectionary | Adolf | Jun 11,2013 137

Chocolate is the word for those people who have a sweet tooth and it is equally popular as a gifting option for birthdays and parties. Chocolate is a versatile gift for a variety of occasions and for cooking. There are very rare cases where people do not like chocolates. Chocolates are considered to be a girl’s best friend as whenever she gets annoyed, the boyfriend of...Read more

Global LED Lighting Market To Grow by $25.4 Billion In 2013

House Supplies | Adolf | Jun 10,2013 77

The beginning of 2013 has been a good start for the Light Emitting DIODE (LED) market, the sales have increased at a faster than expected rate. Further rise is expected to arrive the second quarter of the 2013 which will peak the sales more. This optimistic condition will continue after that, in comparison with the subdued development in 2012, caused by the financial turmoil...Read more

Entertainment & Media Industry: A Platform for Growth

Entertainment | Adolf | Jun 8,2013 102

There has been a tremendous expansion in the media and entertainment industry globally and Indian media is one of the fastest flourishing industry all over the world. The Entertainment Industry is bifurcated into different segments like TV, films, radio, music, animation etc. There has been a continuous advancement in this industry; new technologies are creeping in quickly,...Read more