Glass Packaging Market to Grow 7-8 Percent Annually

Packaging | Adolf | Nov 27,2012 136

The Indian beverage sector is the key driver behind the growth of Container glass market in the country. In spite the growth being at a steady pace, the market is expected to grow desirably in future. Read more

India is the Major Exporter of Cashew with 60 percent of the Glob...

Healthy Food | Adolf | Nov 27,2012 162

Nuts and seeds are natural nibbling snacks that give energy as well as good health. They are loaded with vitamin E, potassium , minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, folic acid, niacin and other vitamins. Some provide plant protein, fiber, and Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Eating a few almonds or peanuts or cashews, or any of raw or cooking almonds, or plant se...Read more

Indian Personal Care Industry Will Witness 25% Growth Rate in the...

Personal Care | Adolf | Nov 26,2012 199

The Indian economy, Asia’s third-biggest, has been increasing quickly at above 8 % for the last few decades. Indian places control a new catalog of the world’s fastest-increasing 100 places in terms of urbanization, with 2 places in top the 10. Worldwide, despite the international economic slump, the individual care industry in India has been increasing at 13 % y...Read more

The International Baby Food Market is Approximated to Reach US Do...

Food | Adolf | Nov 26,2012 121

If one learns to benefit from a healthy and well-balanced diet from the start, it isthe-international-baby-food-market-is-approximated-to-reach-us-dollars-55-billion-by-2015/ possible that these healthy practices will be passed over into later life, helping to avoid conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol amongst others. Regardless of being...Read more

Positive Service Sector Growth in India and China

Information Technology | Adolf | Nov 7,2012 154

The multiplied financial development of both India and China suppliers in latest decades has been concentrated on considerable plan and research. On one hand, this development is led by the IT market in India, and on the other, it is the production market based in China. However, the service market has perfor...Read more

Fiber Reinforced Plastics Pipe Industry in North America is Predi...

Manufacturing | Adolf | Nov 6,2012 128

Growth of Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) pipe in the previous 10 decades has been richer because of their benefits over pipe made of conventional components like metal, concrete and plastic components. Their excellent technical and anti-corrosion qualities, low conductivity, longer life-cycle make Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) pipe a natural option both for common objecti...Read more

Worldwide Carbon Fiber Market to Reach $2.3 Billion in 2015

Manufacturing | Adolf | Nov 6,2012 152

The carbon fiber is a new reproduce of high strength material. In latest years, carbon fibers as well as materials have found wide applications in a commercial airplane, along with leisurely (about 50% transmission in golf and fishing post as units) and commercial (low transmission with great growth) markets, as the cost of carbon fiber has stable and technology has grown up...Read more

North America FRP Tank Market

Manufacturing | Adolf | Nov 6,2012 239

Fiber Strengthened Plastics (FRP) skill came into existence during the Global War II until then the tank was made of metal and other conventional components. Later in Sixties additional effic...Read more

Worldwide Prepreg Industry to be Value $4.3 Billion Dollars by 20...

House Supplies | Adolf | Nov 5,2012 116

Prepreg, once regarded a expensive content for mass development, is growing as a content of choice for a variety of professional programs, from aerospace to renewable power. Read more

Global Composites Industry

Metal & Mineral | Adolf | Nov 5,2012 778

The composites business (industry) is a modern community of technicians and business owners. As of 2009, the $42 billion dollars US compounds market contains over 3,000 different organizations. Because composites are so extensively utilized, the majority of the 3,000 organizations generates products for a number of individual sectors, including with: Read more