Green House Farming Reduces the Harvesting Period by Half

Agriculture | Adolf | Dec 18,2012 206

A greenhouse is a glass or plastic structure which is used for the cultivation and protection of plants. It is made with transparent materials and is big enough to cultivate plants under controlled environmental conditions to get finest growth and yield. Greenhouse farming provides a favorable environment for the plants for its growth by shielding it from extreme weather. Th...Read more

Indian Fertility Market

Healthcare Services | Adolf | Dec 17,2012 237

One of the common medical problems faced by young couples is Infertility. It is estimated that there are almost twenty million infertile couples in India. The main causes are the stressful life, urbanization, changing lifestyle, chemical exposure etc. But due to advancements in technology, there are many treatment options available. India is one of the favorite destinations...Read more

Fiber Glass Market to Reach $6.4 Million

Manufacturing | Adolf | Dec 12,2012 161

Fiberglass is a hugely flexible material which combines its light weight with an intrinsic strength to give a corrosion resistant finish, with a multiplicity of outside textures. It is also comparatively lower in cost than a lot of other alternate materials, which makes it an accepted option in a large variety of industries. It is used in both conventional and high-tech indu...Read more

Retail Sales Increase by 0.5 Percent in Europe Market

Supermarkets | Adolf | Dec 5,2012 161

The retail industry consists of economic units that are occupied with selling products or supplies for private or household use, generally consisting of clothing and accessories, technology, foodstuff and beverages, home enhancement, pharmaceuticals, and others. In recent times, as developed nations start to come out of recession, their economies make progress, and unemploym...Read more

India Ranks Highest in Fertilizer Consumption

Manufacturing | Adolf | Dec 1,2012 271

The fertilizer industry makes certain that farmers have the nutrients they require to cultivate sufficient crops to meet the world’s necessities for food, fiber and energy. The fertilizers manufactured in the industry are referred to as mineral fertilizers. Any material which contains 5 percent more of Nitrogen, Potassium or Phosphorous is considered to be a fertilizer...Read more

Glass Packaging Market to Grow 7-8 Percent Annually

Packaging | Adolf | Nov 27,2012 194

The Indian beverage sector is the key driver behind the growth of Container glass market in the country. In spite the growth being at a steady pace, the market is expected to grow desirably in future. Read more

India is the Major Exporter of Cashew with 60 percent of the Glob...

Healthy Food | Adolf | Nov 27,2012 213

Nuts and seeds are natural nibbling snacks that give energy as well as good health. They are loaded with vitamin E, potassium , minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, folic acid, niacin and other vitamins. Some provide plant protein, fiber, and Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Eating a few almonds or peanuts or cashews, or any of raw or cooking almonds, or plant se...Read more

Indian Personal Care Industry Will Witness 25% Growth Rate in the...

Personal Care | Adolf | Nov 26,2012 254

The Indian economy, Asia’s third-biggest, has been increasing quickly at above 8 % for the last few decades. Indian places control a new catalog of the world’s fastest-increasing 100 places in terms of urbanization, with 2 places in top the 10. Worldwide, despite the international economic slump, the individual care industry in India has been increasing at 13 % y...Read more

The International Baby Food Market is Approximated to Reach US Do...

Food | Adolf | Nov 26,2012 171

If one learns to benefit from a healthy and well-balanced diet from the start, it isthe-international-baby-food-market-is-approximated-to-reach-us-dollars-55-billion-by-2015/ possible that these healthy practices will be passed over into later life, helping to avoid conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol amongst others. Regardless of being...Read more

Positive Service Sector Growth in India and China

Information Technology | Adolf | Nov 7,2012 204

The multiplied financial development of both India and China suppliers in latest decades has been concentrated on considerable plan and research. On one hand, this development is led by the IT market in India, and on the other, it is the production market based in China. However, the service market has perfor...Read more