Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements Industry Least Affected During...

Pharmaceutical | Adolf | Oct 11,2012 1099

Vitamins and minerals play an important part in the functioning of our body. It boosts our immune system and helps in the overall growth and development. In everyday food we eat, there are different vitamins and minerals in varying degrees. Different vitamins play separate role in our b...Read more

The Cheese Industry In US Is Valued to be More Than $10 Billion

Snacks & Confectionary | Adolf | Oct 10,2012 714

The production of cheese is a complicated one involving various processes for the different varieties available. Cheese is made from the milk of cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, camels and/ or goat. But the basic principle involves the curdling and coagulaation of milk that it forms curds and whey. Since the cheese making process solidifies milk-proteins and fat, cheese can be sai...Read more

How Can You Make Email Marketing More Effective??

Smartphones & Mobile Devices | Adolf | Oct 9,2012 704

Email marketing deals with using the power of internet to send commercial messages to the target audience. Email marketing is a growing trend that is seen within the marketing industry. More and more organizations are switching over to this medium not only because it is feasible but also helps to reach a limitless number of individuals. Email marketing enables the marketers...Read more

The Global Fast Food Market to be Valued at $331,840 Million by 2...

Snacks & Confectionary | Adolf | Oct 8,2012 1005

As the term itself suggests, fast food is something which can be prepared and served quickly over the counter or drive-through within minutes of placing the order. These type of food include French-fries, burgers, kebabs, Pizzas, soft-drinks etc. The major brands in the fast food industry are Pizza hut,...Read more