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bmi logoBMI is a leading publisher on global emerging markets. It provides financial, economic and political information and news analysis in addition to risk ratings, forecasts and regulatory information on 175 countries worldwide. BMI also publishes directories and CD-ROMs profiling multinational companies active in emerging markets.
Business Monitor Online - BMO comprises 3 service tiers Country Risk, Industry Analysis and Company Intelligence & more detailed breakdown of the content components of each of these services follows on pages 2-4. more >

Global industry service

Global industry service provides unparalleled coverage of country markets worldwide – from Asia and Africa to the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. The service covers 24 industry sectors (and you can choose to take one, or any combination, of the 24 sectors), and is used by industry professionals, analysts and strategists for country market assessments, competitive analysis and industry benchmarking. It features daily news and analyses covering major industry and company developments; quarterly country surveys with 5-year forecasts for all headline indicators; comprehensive company profiles and competitive intelligence. The service enables analysts, consultants and researchers to evaluate and manage the risks in global industrial markets.

This service is offered in 24 sectors given as under: