Conferences & Seminars is an exclusive platform that shares vital information regarding quality Events and Conferences that are able to be held on widespread topics based on different industries around the world. We are in constant touch with the organizing parties of such conferences and we are more than excited to promote events and conferences from new members.

We offer the following PR services for our Event/Conference organizing partners:
  • Uploading complete details about the event/conference (with regular updates) on
  • These details include everything about the event/conference-right from the day/date, venue, key-speakers and the topics scheduled to be covered. Information about the organizers and registration details are also provided.
  • Creating and posting of event press releases and e-newsletters regarding the information about them.
  • Promotion and distribution of the newsletters using various promotional news wires such as:,, and many other similar promotional platforms.

In order to start an event/conference promotional partnership with BharatBook or for any further information on the same, you can mail us at