Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: Technologies and Global Markets

 Published On: Jun, 2017 |    No of Pages: 136 |  Published By: BCC Research | Format: PDF
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The global advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) market should reach $59.1 billion by 2021 from $23.8 billion in 2016 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.9%, from 2016 to 2021.

Report Includes

-An overview of the global markets for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).
-Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2015 and 2016, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2021.
-Segmentation of the market by products, by sensor type, and by vehicle type.
-Regional analyses of the market by country.
-Information on important manufacturers, technologies, and factors influencing demand.
-Discussion of merger, acquisition, and collaboration strategies in the industry.
-A look at major suppliers of ADAS and analysis based on market shares, product types, and geography.

Study Goals and Objectives
-Global, regional and country-level along with forecasts of the study market.
-Study of the effect of exogenous and endogenous factors, namely, demographic, economic and political factors, among others, which affect the global market.
-Segment and subsegment level of the market over the review and forecast period.
-Identification of key factors instrumental in changing the market scenario, exploiting new opportunities, and gaining competitive edge.

Scope of the Report
-The base currency considered was the U.S. Dollar (USD). The conversion of other currencies to USD was considered based on the average exchange rate for the respective review period years.
The exchange rate conversion for forecast period was determined according to the base year’s conversion rates.
-The base year was identified based on the availability of annual reports and secondary information. The base year considered for this study is 2015.
-The review period considered for this study is 2011 to 2015. The forecast period is from 2016 to 2021.
-Market size estimates for the forecast years were in real terms. Inflation is not part of the pricing and the Average Selling Price (ASP) was kept constant through the forecast period for each country.
-Distribution of primary interviews conducted was based on the regional share of the market and the presence of key players in each region.
-Because of data triangulation through multiple methodologies and approaches, the weighted averages of resulting estimates were considered to be the final values.

Research Methodology
The research process adopted for this entire study is a highly structured two stage process: size estimation of the review period, and the market engineering for the forecast period of the global, country- and segment-level data that lead to the Data Generation Process (DGP) for the studied variables. The size estimations were carried out through multiple bottom-up and top-down approaches.

Top-down Approach
The top-down approach is a research process in which the global market sizing is carried out through the secondary research, validated by primary industry experts. In this report, for analyzing the future trends for the studied market during the forecast period, we have incorporated rigorous statistical and econometric methods, further scrutinized by secondary, primary sources and by our in-house experts supported through our extensive data intelligence repository. The market is studied holistically from both demand- and supply-side perspectives. This is carried out to analyze the end-user and producer behavior patterns in the review period that affect the price, demand and consumption trends. As the study demands analyzing the long-run nature of the market, the identification of factors influencing the market is based on the fundamentality of the market that is studied. Through secondary and primary research, the factors that are endogenous and exogenous in nature are identified, and they are transformed to quantitative data through data extraction and further applied for inferential purpose.

Data Triangulation
The final phase before the report writing is the expert validation, in which the estimated and projected values through data triangulation are cross-validated through market experts or key people in the industry. They can be senior researchers, directors, CFOsor CEOs. The cross-validated estimates are finally approved by the in-house experts.

Geographic Breakdown
In this report, the geographic regions considered for market analysis include, and only include:

North America
United States.

United Kingdom.

South Korea.
Chapter 1: Introduction 1
Study Goals and Objectives 1
Scope of the Report 1
Research Methodology 2
Top-down Approach 2
Data Triangulation 2
Geographic Breakdown 3
Analyst's Credentials 6
Related BCC Research Reports 6

Chapter 2: Summary and Highlights 8

Chapter 3: Market and Technology Background 13
Drivers and Impact 17
Stringent Government Regulations 17
Increased Adoption from the Automotive Sector 17
Growing Awareness of Driver Assistance Systems 18
Restraints and Impact 18
ADAS Malfunction 18
High Cost of Equipment 19
Intense Competition 20

Chapter 4: Market Breakdown by Component Type 22
Parking Assistance Systems 23
Adaptive Front Lighting Systems 27
Blind Spot Detection 29
Advanced Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS) 31
Collision Warning Systems 33
Electronic Stability Control 35
Driver Drowsiness Alert 38
Traffic Sign Recognition Market 40
Lane Departure Warning Systems 41
Adaptive Cruise Control 43
Others 45

Chapter 5: Market Breakdown by Technology 48
Radar ADAS Sensors 50
Image ADAS Sensors 53
Laser ADAS Sensors 55
Ultrasonic ADAS Sensors 58
Infrared ADAS Sensors 60

Chapter 6: Market Breakdown by Region 63
North America 65
Introduction 65
The United States 66
Mexico 67
Canada 69
Europe 70
Introduction 70
Germany 72
United Kingdom 74
France 75
Italy 76
Spain 78
Russia 79
Other Countries 80
Asia-Pacific 82
Introduction 82
Japan 83
China 84
South Korea 86
Australia 87
India 89
Other Countries 90
Africa and the Middle East 91
Introduction 91
South Africa 93
UAE 94
Saudi Arabia 96
Others 97
South America 98
Introduction 98
Brazil 99
Argentina 101
Other Countries 103

Chapter 7: Competitive Landscape 105
Strategies and Developments of Key Players 106
Aisin Seiki Strategies 108
Autoliv Inc. Strategies 109
Robert Bosch Strategies 111
Continental AG Strategies 112
Delphi Automotive Strategies 114
Denso Corp. Strategies 116
Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. Strategies 116
Hyundai Mobis Strategies 117
Intel Mobileye Strategies 118
Magna International Strategies 119
Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec Strategies 120
Takata Strategies 121
Valeo SA Strategies 123
ZF-TRW Automotive Holdings Strategies 124

Chapter 8: Company Profiles 126
Appendix: A List of Abbreviations 147
About BCC Research 149
About BCC Research.... 150
BCC Membership 150
BCC Custom Research 150

List of Tables

Summary Table: Global ADAS Market, by Type, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 10
Table 1 Overview of Existing Driver Assistance Systems 16
Table 2 Key Trends in Global ADAS Market 20
Table 3 Global ADAS Market by Component Type, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 23
Table 4 Development of Parking Assistance System 25
Table 5 Global Market for Parking Assistance Systems, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 26
Table 6 Global Market for Adaptive Front Lighting Systems, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 28
Table 7 Global Market for Blind Spot Detection, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 30
Table 8 Global Market for Advanced Emergency Braking Systems, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 32
Table 9 Global Market for Collision Warning System, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 34
Table 10 Timeline for the Development of Collision Warning Systems 35
Table 11 Global Market for Electronic Stability Control, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 36
Table 12 Electronic Stability Control Developments 37
Table 13 Global Market for Driver Drowsiness Alert, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 38
Table 14 Driver Drowsiness Alert Systems from Various Companies 39
Table 15 Global Market for Traffic Sign Recognition, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 40
Table 16 Global Market for Lane Departure Warning Systems, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 42
Table 17 Lane Departure Warning System Developments 43
Table 18 Global Market for Adaptive Cruise Control, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 44
Table 19 Adaptive Cruise Control Developments 45
Table 20 Global Others Market, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 45
Table 21 Global ADAS Market, by Sensor Type, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 49
Table 22 Global Market for Radar ADAS Sensors, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 51
Table 23 Global Market for Image ADAS Sensors, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 53
Table 24 Global Market for Laser ADAS Sensors, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 56
Table 25 Global Market for Ultrasonic ADAS Sensors, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 58
Table 26 Global Market for Infrared ADAS Sensors, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 60
Table 27 Global ADAS Market by Region, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 64
Table 28 North American ADAS Market, by Country, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 65
Table 29 United States Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 66
Table 30 Mexico Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 68
Table 31 Canada’s Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 69
Table 32 European ADAS Market, by Country, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 71
Table 33 Germany Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 73
Table 34 United Kingdom’s Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 74
Table 35 France’s Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 75
Table 36 Italy’s Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 77
Table 37 Spain’s Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 78
Table 38 Russia’s Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 79
Table 39 Asia-Pacific’s ADAS Market, by Country, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 82
Table 40 Japan’s Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 83
Table 41 China’s Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 85
Table 42 South Korea Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 86
Table 43 Australia’s Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 88
Table 44 India’s Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 89
Table 45 Middle Eastern and African ADAS Market, by Country, Through 2021 ($ Millions) 92
Table 46 South Africa’s Vehicle Production and Sales Statistics, 2011-2015 (Units) 93

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