Micron's Development and Product Strategies in DRAM and Flash Industries

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In December 2014, US' largest memory maker Micron tied up with Powertech Technology, Taiwan's third largest packaging and testing service supplier to collaborate in the Xi'an High Tech Zone. This is not the first time Micron partners with a Taiwanese company though. Back in 2008, Micron set up the Inotera JV with Taiwan's DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) maker Nanya. For many years, Micron has applied a set of strategies to help itself enter the industry's top five semiconductor vendors. This report provides an overview of the global semiconductor revenue ranking, assesses outcomes and effects of Micron's strategies and learns where Micron is now situated in the flash and DRAM industries.

1.Micron's Industry Position
1.1 The Fifth Largest Semiconductor Vendor and Second Largest Memory Manufacturer
1.2 Micron Possesses DRAM, NAND Flash and NOR Flash Production Lines
1.3 Micron Ranks First in NOR Flash and Third in DRAM and NAND Flash
2.Micron's Strategic Deployment in the DRAM Industry
2.1 Stable DRAM Supply from Inotera through Partnership with Nanya
2.2 Micron Acquires Rexchip's Output from Elpida Takeover
2.3 Integration with Powertech Aims for DRAM Expansion in Xi'an
3.Micron's Strategic Deployment in the Flash Industry
3.1 IM Flash JV with Intel for NAND Flash
3.2 Acquisition of Numonyx for Complete Product Portfolio
MIC Perspective
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

List of Topics
Overview of the development of Micron, covering the company's deployments and capabilities in the areas of NOR flash, NAND flash, and DRAM, and includes the top-three memory manufacturer share breakdowns by these three product categories

Highlights of Micron's strategies in DRAM and flash industries, touching on the company's alliance with Powertech, Nanya, and Intel and its acquisition of Elpida and Numonyx and includes those activities' strategic purposes and effects on the company and the industry.

List of Figures
Figure 1 Global Top-10 Chip Manufacturer Revenue Ranking in 2014
Figure 2 Worldwide Top-3 Memory Manufacturer Market Share by Product Category in 2014
Figure 3 The Micron-Powertech Alliance and Its Effects
Figure 4 Micron's Acquisition of Numonyx and Its Effects
Figure 5 Micron's Revenue Ranking and Strategic Roadmap

List of Tables
Table 1 Micron's Revenue Share and Product Portfolio in 2014
Table 2 The Micron-Nanya Alliance and Its Effects
Table 3 Micron's Acquisition of Elpida and Its Effects
Table 4 Top 3 International DRAM Vendors and Their Taiwanese Partners
Table 5 Micron's NAND Flash Alliance with Intel and Its Effects

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