Chinese Natural Language Data Processing: China Patent Deployment, Business Opportunity, and Challenge Analysis

 Published On: May, 2017 |    No of Pages: 20 |  Published By: Market Intelligence center | Format: PDF
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NLDP (Natural Language Data Processing) technology is a field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and is widely used in smart technology applications such as smart customer service, smart retailing, chatbots, educational robots and domestic robots. By adopting NLDP technology, a computer is able to communicate and interact with humans more naturally and intuitively. More and more leading international vendors are rolling out various kinds of smart devices supporting English and Japanese NLDP technology. In contrast, there are relatively few Chinese NLDP-supported devices in the market.

This report provides an overview of Chinese NLDP patent trends analysis by country and field; examines key technologies and major patent assignees. Also included are the insights about potential market opportunities and challenges of NLDP patent deployment for newcomers.

Table of Contents
1.Patent Mining
1.1 Patent Search
1.1.1 Selecting a Patent Database
1.1.2 Identifying Search Keywords
1.1.3 Data Selection
1.1.4 Data Analysis
2. Trends Analysis Using Data Mining
2.1 Analysis of Trends by Country
2.2 Analysis of Trends by Sector and Field
2.3 Analysis of Trends by Key Technology Segment
3.1 Computer Technology Has the Highest Numbers of Patent Filings, Followed by Digital Communication
3.2 Automatic Analysis Claims Largest Share of Key NLDP Patents in China, Followed by Processing or Translating
3.3 NLDP Relevant Patents Concentrated Mostly on Electric Digital Data Processing

List of Tables
Table 1 Chinese NLDP Patents' Matrix Analysis: Key Technology vs. Relevant Technology

List of Figures
Figure 1 Chinese NLDP Patent Distribution Share by Country: International Assignees
Figure 2 Chinese NLDP Patent Distribution Share by Field: International Assignees
Figure 3 Chinese NLDP Patent Distribution Share by Field: Taiwanese Assignees
Figure 4 Chinese NLDP Patent Distribution Share by Sector: International Assignees
Figure 5 Chinese NLDP Patent Distribution Share by Sector: Taiwanese Assignees
Figure 6 Chinese NLDP Patent Distribution Share by Relevant Technology Segment: International Assignees
Figure 7 Chinese NLDP Patent Distribution Share by Relevant Technology Segment: Taiwanese Assignees   

List of Topics
Overview of the development of Chinese natural language data processing technology
Analysis of 2,147 patents by technology field and sector using the data mining techniques
Patent distribution share of international and Taiwanese assignees by country, by sector, and by technology field, and includes patent matrix analysis of key verses relevant technologies
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