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HERE, you can find all the information that has puzzled you. Details about any of the market research reports, the list of best selling reports and the entire regarding FORMATS AND DELIVERY (see side tab). Terms and conditions is another important section which is available via this page.

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How to Buy


Once you have made up your mind on the reports you require, you can effortlessly place an order to the same using any mode of communication mentioned below.

Order by FAX or PHONE

You may easily fax the order details to FAX NO. Do not forget to mention the billing and delivery addresses and the preferred payment method that you would pay the bill amount in. Our representative will get back to you on the same within 24 hours of your sending the details. You may also go vocal with our representative on the phone and order your requirements on +91.22.27810772 / 227810773.

Order by EMAIL

Email us your order at, again DO NOT forget to mention the billing and the delivery addresses in the mail along with your contact details. You will surely receive a reply within 24 hours of your mail; our representative will contact you either on mail or call.

In case if you are ordering on behalf of your organization, it is necessary that you give us an assurance that you are authorized to do so.

Formats & Delivery

Use this section to find information about how to buy and the types of products Report Buyer sells. There is also guidance on format & delivery and the terms & conditions of sale.

Electronic(PDF) The report will be emailed to you. The report is sent in PDF format. This is a single user license, allowing one specific user access to the product.
Hard Copy A printed copy of the report will be shipped to you.
CD-ROM The report will be shipped to you in CD ROM format.
Site License The report will be emailed to you. The report is sent in PDF format. This is a site license, allowing all users within a given geographical location of your organization access to the product.
Global License The report will be shipped to you in CD ROM format. This is an enterprise license, allowing all employees within your organization access to the product.

Terms & Conditions and its affiliates provide services to its clients with subject to the following terms and conditions. While you visit or shop at, it is taken as you accept these conditions. We request you to thoroughly go through this page of and also inform you that we reserve the rights to alter, add or eliminate any point mentioned over here at any time period with our own decision makings. All of these terms and condition are applicable to any order placed by any client from around the globe. It is the client's responsibility to check the list of Terms and Conditions before an order is placed.


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Once we receive an order from you, we need to purchase it from the respective publisher, process the payment and arrange shipment. This pattern of the process makes the credit business impossible; we need to receive a full payment from the client as and when he or she places an order with us. The complete payment is due on an immediate basis. The product ordered for will not be dispatched unless and until receives the complete payment. It is also impossible to make any kind of cancellations once the order is placed. is not responsible for any delays or failures occurring due to reasons which are beyond its controls.

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Product Descriptions and its affiliates always try to provide you the best, thus we make sure that we are accurate in what we provide each time. However, at times there may be exceptions and does not and will not stand liable in such cases at any such time juncture.

Product Pricing

We at try and offer products such as market research reports, newsletters, training manuals, directories, CD-ROM's and others at the cheapest price possible. Prices for all products are listed in the USD format. Although we work hard in listing the righteous pricings, there are chances that some of the products MAY be mispriced. However, such cases are rare as we at verify the pricing of all products sold and shipped to the end user as it is a part of our sales procedure.

There are exceptional cases where the correct price OR the latest price of a product might turn up to be lower than the price quoted. In such cases; we charge the lower price quote and ship the product to the client.

However, in a reciprocal case where the correct price OR the latest price of a product turns up to be higher than the price quoted, we contact the client for further instructions before the product is shipped or cancel the order and immediate intimate the client about such a cancellation.

Shipping offers its services to all parts of the globe. Vast numbers of our orders are of the electronic format however, hardcopy orders like binders, newsletters, books, software and CD-ROM's can be dispatched through mails and courier services. Such hardcopy orders may incur an additional charge depending on the delivery location.

Delivery Time

"DELIVER-AS SOON AS POSSIBLE", this is our idea for long, thus we thrive hard to deliver orders in the least time frame possible. Hardcopy deliveries depend on the services offered by mailers and courier service providers which are out of our control. However, electronic orders are the fastest to reach the end user as they get delivered within 24 hours from the time of order. Therefore, for a quick delivery with least efforts we always suggest the electronic order method to our clients.

Return Policy

The nature of information in the forms of reports, books, software and other materials sold by makes it absolutely impossible for accept anything that is dispatched. There is NO return policy on anything that is ordered for and dispatched.

Bulk Discount

We are able to provide add-on discounts on large orders of both single title and large orders on various individual titles.

Feel at home with us

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