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Upcoming And Planned Thermal Power Projects In India By 2020

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Published Date: Jan, 2013
Format: PDF
No of Pages: 200

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  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents
Overall Objective

The 12th plan envisages adding nearly 60 GW thermal power generation capacities and if the tune of investments is estimated for the entire value chain we stand at an astounding figure on INR. 33 Trillion But to realize this degree of investment potential a very critical link in the chain goes missing in the name of Information with Insights which will enable a “Know it all” platform for all market participants.

InfraInsights through this report aims to unearth all critical information like bidding status, financial closure, thermal project development status, clearance status and major contract award status at one place to provide insights on the likely Thermal Power generation in the country by 2020. This report aims to go beyond the obvious information available in secondary domain and provides information through exhaustive primary research coupled with analytics to answer all ambiguity of market participants. 

This research report will focus on critical information on Upcoming Thermal Projects in India with key profiling done for each project and a full track on FSA and PPA status. This dossier will also enable an in-depth insight on the available infrastructure to support the rising demand for upcoming power plants in India coupled with a complementary know-how on EPC contractors, Technical consultants etc. In addition the research will also highlight and figure out the chief contact for the upcoming projects in order to supplement the information need of the players across value chain. 

Key Questions Answered 

How many thermal power projects are upcoming in India?

What is the project development status?

How the bidding structure likely to be in place, preferred mode Case I or Case II?

What is the status of FSA or any long-term fuel agreement in place?

Who will be the power off-takers; PPA status whether Long, medium or short term followed?

What are projects most lucrative to bid for given the credit worthiness of the project developers and least risk for the investors like banks and FI’s?

Who will be the OEMs, EPC contractors, Technical consultants and allied BOP suppliers for the projects upcoming and planned?

Expected COD of the projects as per unit size and development status?

Track of opportunity size to be unlocked in terms huge investments and identification of right investments for projects?

Who are the key contact person s to be approached for the development of planned and upcoming power project?

1. Executive Summary

2. Background – Power Generation Sources in India
• Introduction to Thermal Power
• Hydro Power generation in India
• Renewable Power in India

3. Electricity demand trends in India vis-ΰ-vis sources by 2020
• Demand Trends for Thermal power
• Demand trends for Hydel power
• Demand trends for RE power in India

4. Scaling Significance – Importance of power generation to economic growth
• Assessing correlation of power generation to economic growth
• Power projects fuelling investments for greater GDP

5. Thermal Power generation to Industrial growth
• Power requirement by industries
• Degree of dependence of Industrial growth on power generation
• Thermal Power Upcoming Generation Projects – Northern Region Profile
• Thermal Power Upcoming Generation Projects – Eastern Region Profile
• Thermal Power Upcoming Generation Projects – Western Region Profile

6. Thermal Power Planned Generation Projects – All India Profile
• Planned Projects
• Development Status Track

7. Conclusion

List of tables

List of figures

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